Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Advice required


OK I think what I'm going through is "normal"

I'm having a pre-marathon.. PANIC!!
I haven't hit the button yet - but picture how you'd feel if you suddenly came across me in the bath with my SPA SYDELL face mask on....

Yes you would find that sight a little scary, leading you to jump back with fear... and that's the feeling I've currently got about the prospect of running the London marathon!

I need advice (ok and help but that's something different). I've made it to 15miles on my training so far.... the race is just under 6 weeks away (that sounds better then it's 5 weeks this Sunday coming).

I managed 15miles 10 days ago... was aiming for 17 the weekend just gone but miscalculated my route and ended back home on 15.5 and didn't have the stomach (OK quads more like) for another 1.5miles.

I know I need to get a 20miler (or two) in.

Put I'm not sure how much more my quad muscles can take of all this pounding!! Talk about "ouchy" (as my two year old nephew would say!)


On the positive I think I've cracked the nutrition, seem to enjoy a gel at every 40-45mins, 50min interval is too long.

But I need to work on my hydration. I lost 1.2kgs on my long run on Sunday, it wasn't even that hot - and I did have 500ml of gatorade during my run! EK!

Advice - I need advice - AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I also need new quads - so if you have any spare that would be wonderful.

Maybe I shouldn't have done the 40miles on the bike Saturday, that probably didn't help.

I did manage an easy 3 miles recovery run today. Maybe this weekend I'll get closer to my goal. Aim for 17+miles and see what happens, obviously remembering to drink whilst on the run. At least this weekend my bike is guaranteed to be on Sunday as I have (foolishly) entered a sportive, although I think 60miles is certainly over ambitious, I suspect I may shorten to the 40mile option come the day!

In the meantime - you guys out there have run marathons... and if you haven't you know someone who has... I need any and every bit of advice as I'm sure lacking on the confidence front right now!!


May be a better thing to say is....



  1. Dee Dee did Disney having completed a single 16 mile run. You can do it, especially coming off your extra work at camp. For Ironman, I never got over 16 miles in my longest run. If you can get over 18 miles a couple of times, ideally 20, you will be fine. Heck, you will be fine anyways, you might just have to adjust your pace and goals.

    As far as nutrition goes, one gel every 40 minutes seems about right for you. I'm not sure what the aid stations are like at London, but if you can take in a little something at every aid station 4-8 oz, thirsty or not, you will be fine. Don't wait until you are thirsty to start drinking. By then it will be too late and the cramps will set in.

    Lemme know if I can help you with anything else.

  2. Don't force the 20-miler if you are not ready for it. You are still better off going into the marathon undertrained with a couple of 16s or an 18 than to force a 20 when you are not ready and get hurt or sick. You just have to adjust your pace and expectations for the marathon accordingly. If all you are trying to do is finish, then just do the long runs you can do leading up to the race, get plenty of rest before it and go have fun. You can always shoot for a faster/better marathon the next time.

  3. I agree with Chad and Wes. Better to go in under trained than risk injury. Just reevaluate your goals :-) The next marathon is the one you can kill ;-)