Friday, March 13, 2009

Cross Training

Happy darn Friday people!

The weekend awaits...

Have still remained a bit tired this week recovering from camp. I've no idea how the peeps out there did two weeks, having spoken to Jules briefly last night all I can say is he sounded completely shattered!

I managed a 2k early swim Monday morning and then an easy run with drills on Tuesday. When I got to Wednesday I should have been biking but went to London early and despite getting home in the afternoon and working at home I just couldn't shift my arse to get my bike back on the turbo. I actually had, for an unknown reason, the urge to go to hockey (field hockey that is) training. Now I've not knocked a ball around in anger for about 4 years.... but still my old club is big, not too far away and trains on a Wednesday evening. So I sent a text to the club captain and they said come along!

So I dug out my stick and stinky shin pads and astro's and headed up. It was actually great to be out with stick and ball if a little (ok a lot) rusty. I think I needed to the break from swim, bike, run ... just for an evening... so I spent an hour an half running around like a lunatic doing stick and ball stuff. Then when the session was over I took myself to the car park to do an extra 20mins of run drills. Surprisingly I didn't ache too much yesterday, although still found it necessary to have a day off!! LOL!

On another note - the marathon training is still happening. I managed (somehow) a 15miler last Saturday. Running on tired legs wasn't fun and the last couple of miles really did hurt. But gotta get those miles in - only another 11 more (which sounds ridiculous) to get the distance in!! I'm trying to get an entry into a half marathon this weekend and throw in 2 mile pre and post the half to get my mileage up to 17. Why did I sign up for this one.. oh yes because I wanted to enjoy the experience... YIKES!


  1. You're doing great!! It's all about having fun, so if you have the urge to play some field hockey - have at it!

  2. Keep up the good work. The marathon is not that far away now.