Sunday, March 08, 2009

I'm back!


Got back the early hours of Friday morning from Tri Camp in Lanzarote - what an absolute BLAST! Utterly fab time away, if a little challenging and completely knackering! Got lucky with my roomies... well I knew I'd get on with Jules anyhow and Anita seems to have a similar bizarre sense of humour as Jules and I so we all ended up having quite a giggle - well when Anita and I weren't telling Jules what to wear that is... not that we had much choice in telling him ... before ever session he did insist on asking, I think he wanted the flat to be coordinated ;o)

I'm so glad to have had some decent time off work too - it's been too long.... enough time for some good thinking and some space too. Hurrah.

I'll try and blog some more later in the week... am still recovering some what (I've no idea how Jules and Anita are coping with another week over there, although I am jealous!)... at least all the dirty washing is done!

Work tomorrow and the first time in an age I think I only have one road trip this week, I may even get to put in my expenses claim (haven't done those since December!)

Hope you are all keeping well out there - will try and get back up to speed with my fellow bloggers!



  1. Welcome back. So...did you enjoy the Tri Camp?

  2. Welcome back. Glad the camp was so much fun. Now post pictures and give us the details!

  3. I was thinking about you the other day... bout time you came back :-)

  4. Glad you're back. Sounds like the camp was a good one. I hope you can tell us more about it when you have a chance.