Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A review

Just a quick one ... (she says thinking how much I can put down when I get going.. control yourself Karen, it's only Tuesday)... yes.... A quick one....

I'm liking http://www.runsaturday.com not just for the pretty sunflower on it's top bar orfor the banter in it's chat rooms, the challenges you can participate in but mostly for the cool mapping and analysis it can spit out at you.

Here's a map of my 20miler last saturday, colour coded for speed - you can see my sulky pink patch (where I refused to run any further, until the walking pain was too much lol!) - well at least they are done in pink which is a nice upbeat colour (very much the opposite to how I was feeling at the time...LOL)

You can get this same picture with laps or heartrate or altitude shaded on your route rather then speed.

You can also see some groovy charts on time and distance covered (they are nice and colourful!!);

So I'm liking lots of things about RunSaturday (unlike my own personal run(last)saturday which was pure evil!).

Am counting down to a little bitsy half marathon this weekend where I hope to PB (assuming legs are feeling like they can talk/ work for me after abuse of weekend just gone!), I would talk more about that but I said I'd keep it a "quick one"... so.. that's all folks!

Until next time (as Chad would say!)


  1. Very cool! I'm going to have to give this site a try. Thanks for the review.

    ...and thanks for the plug. ;-)

  2. Hi Karen.
    I can't find contact details for you so I thought I'd drop you a comment. I have an opportunity that I would love you to get involved with - if you could drop me an e-mail at huw.devine@i-level.com I will fill you in with more details. Thanks! Huw.

  3. That site definitely looks cool. I just, sadly, don't know what I would do with yet another web site. LOL...

    Hoping the best for your race this weekend!!

  4. good luck this weekend.

    of course now i have a new site to try out. just what i need. lol