Saturday, March 14, 2009

Something funny

OK - so yesterday was Friday the 13th and we know that this can be an unlucky day....

Here's something for your amusement.... picture the scene... Karen wakes up early this Friday and thinks back two weeks of her early morning ride to Tanajio (spl?!) and thinks "that's about the distance to work - get off your butt and cycle in today lazy!"...

She promptly gets up, has porridge, sorts bikey with some lights and packs her rucksack minimally for the journey. As the rest of the world sets about their commute Karen gets on her bike and goes. Not to be scared off by the odd juggernaut passing rather close on country lanes she speeds on her way - full of the joys of spring (although with strangely achey legs due to run drills!). On getting to work in a slightly dishevelled and sweaty state she parks up bikey and proudly walks in, deposits some stuff on a desk to claim it for the day and goes to her normal locker to recover suitable work clothing for post shower.

Remember: It is Friday 13th

The locker was bare! (note the locker is not a locker which locks just somewhere to hang stuff)

No suit, no shoes!

And someone had marked the locker with their name... claiming a prize possession, something the Karen never thought she'd bother with.


Cursing the person who had stolen the locker (and accusing them of getting rid of her suit and being a cross dresser!) Karen thought of what to do; could cycle back home, could stay as she was (smelly) or have a shower and put on what she had (after all it was Red Nose day - maybe no on would notice)

So, she made her choice. A quick shower, put on what she's got that's fresh or dirty. She sat there for the day proudly with bike shoes, socks and long winter padded bikey trousers, wearing lovely underwear and short sleeved white cotton blouse on the top half! Most people didn't notice (until she stood up and start clip-clopped her way around the building!)

I thank you.


  1. Oh My gosh!! That's awful, yet funny at the same time. I would be so frustrated if that happened to me. Most certainly would head home and call it quits. What a trooper you are!!

  2. Oh my gawd!! I would DIIIEEEEE!! You are a brave brave woman riding out the rest of the day like that LOL!

  3. LOL... I would do they same. Have you formed a hunting party for said stealer of lockers?

  4. LOL! Awesome! I'm with you, I would have dressed in what I had and dared anyone to say something.