Monday, July 01, 2013

Juneathon Day 30 - The LAST DAY!

Well well well..... the last day of Juneathon and on the agenda was "do something in order to collect reward of coffee and slice of cake".... So I arranged to meet a friend at a coffee shop - she had running on the agenda and as I had ran on Saturday I had biking!

I took a rather circuitous route to the coffee shop and happened upon the only bike TT course in the local area which I know - which is just short of 5miles.... so I thought it would be wrong of me on such a gorgeous day not to hang on to my pants and give it a go... a put foot to pedal and tried with all my might to get myself around the course PDQ... I had done this route once before about 18months previous... and yes that may have been in winter and the weather may well have been awful... but that besides I did, rather surprisingly, do a Personal Best by over a minute!! .... not that I knew that at the time... anyway.. having blown myself to pieces I was even more determined that a coffee and cake were next on the agenda!

So, once I recovered my breath, I pottered back towards the coffee shop, pacing a lovely, typically English Country Fayre at Hurst - I think it was the "Hurst Horse Show" now that I google it. What a splendid day for a Fayre I have to say!

On arrival at the coffee shop I had a text from my friend who had been running a few moments late - but no matter... she soon arrived looking about as good as me (ie very hot and sweaty) with her daughter passed out in the runner baby pushchair thing!! We had a good catch up with a Cappocino and in my case a big slab of Coffee and Walnut cake... Ummmmm ummmm,...

The only thing left to do after that was to cycle the shorter way home!!

Total for the last day of Juneathon;
Bike 25.2 miles in just over an hour and 30.


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