Friday, December 01, 2006

Thank Crunchie it's Friday

Have a confession to begin with - treating myself to a glass of wine... Not the ideal drink for the serious triathlete... however I have never claimed to be serious and I'm not sure I'd even class myself as a triathlete just yet.

Anyhow just to say I'm so far keeping honest to my cause with both a strength session first thing this morning and some time on my trusty steed (the turbo) this evening. Changed by strength session as it's the second of the week. Still light weights but about 20-25 reps of each... circuit as follows; squats, lat pull downs, lunges, press-ups, tricep pull downs, calve raises, abs... did that three times over with a 1min30s break in between each circuit. Cycling this evening was a little tiresome but still kept it in the small cogs with cadence between 82-88rpm. Did 20k in 52 mins then slow 2.5k warmdown, an hour in total.

So pleased with today, both training and work actually - hence rewarded myself with a glass (ok or two) of wine.

Tomorrow's schedule has changed slightly in so far as no longer doing my OU lecture as my gasman is turning up to move my gas point in my kitchen (have I mentioned before that I'm having a new kitchen fitted..... I'm living in house chaos!). So still intend nice gentle run tomorrow morning then a swim session in the late afternoon before going out in the evening.

Good news of the day - Santa outfit has arrived for Sunday's 5k fun run - now that should be a sight to see!!

All for now, here's hoping the boys traveling down under do well in the cricket overnight!

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