Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spot the Difference....

Picture the scene...

It's Tuesday morning

It's -2 (YES MINUS 2) outside (WTF!...) and I need to do a 70min hill run (... effort up the hill recovery on flat/ down hills... 2nd WTF of the day...)

What way but to reward oneself with

so can you spot the difference;

Yes there are a few differences; second bagel and second cup of tea for one!! ;o)

Anyhow it did make me feel better given how rough I'd felt on the run - nasty - but I think I got the hill running about right (and I didn't quite barf at the top),

So that was all good really.

Alas, yesterday I had another bagel day of the no-training variety which wasn't so good. So no marmite reward for me then :o(

Still today has started brighter, already got in my swim (which should have been done last night). Followed my work outs in a binder "force" 2500m from 600m warm-up, then 6*150, 6*100, 6*50, 100 warm-down. Good oh!

ORN: 10.38km, 68mins
OSN: 2500, 62mins


  1. Nice hill run, chica!! I sent you an email :-)

  2. Thanks Karen.

    I tried to leave a comment on your post earlier...but blogger *ate* it. And I was so demoralised I stormed off in a huff...

    Short version was...

    Fantastic run! You deserve a rest day after working that hard.

    And I am just geeky enough to be envious of your snazzy little graphs.

    :D T

  3. Great job getting your hill work in...did you say -2??? Uggg!

  4. I don't think I have ever even been in -2 weather!! WHOA! That is cold!

    Awesome job on that run!!

  5. Haha! Nice run though..

    When do you get in .. I leave Sunday afternoon around Noon, but have a great time here. And pack your meds if you allergic to pollen :)

  6. You'll probably be busy with the move. But I get back Friday afternoon - so if things workout and you're free Friday evening or Sat morning let me know.

    Have a great week!

  7. Hey, keep running those hills and you'll find yourself out running ultras in the Swiss Alps.

    Sounds like spring weather is in all it's fury.