Friday, June 27, 2008

What next?

'K so I was supposed to go from the 70.3 and concentrate back on Oly distance for the London Triathlon right?


A rethink last week and.......

I AM doing a Oly - but it's a week on Saturday!! Not sure I'm going to be fully up for this so I'll just take it "easy"

AND THEN..........
I'm doing another 70.3(ish) distance at the VITRUVIAN triathlon (1.9k: 85k: 21k) on 6th September.. WHOOP!

This is the BTU national champs and most importantly my buddy Leanne is doing it as her first at this distance - so as I enjoyed Wimbleball so much I thought "what the hell" and entered!

Talk about resetting season goals on the fly ;o)

Managed to get back in the pool wednesday evening, despite being "run over" by some twit who obviously doesn't get pool overtaking etiquette I enjoyed the swim, cut it short at 50mins though due to being miffed about the swim over incident.... Anyhow, pleased as it's been a while, think I've lost speed/ technique so need to start getting back in more regularly again.

Did a 30min run session yesterday (whoop - this was my longest run, excluding the 70.3 lol, in about 6 weeks). A nice interval session, and no adverse reaction from my dodgey foot. Iced it and put brufen gel on it when I got back and all seems good.

More thoughts and ramblings later!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who ate all the pies?

Well evidently I did! I've had a week off everything (other then work!), eating lots (mostly cake! LOL), but rounding it off with a nice ham and chicken pie at Sweeney Todd's last night. This is a terrific traditional pie shop in Reading. You can get a takeaway pie, but last night I met up with some friends and we had eat in pie... the selection is amazing; beef and ale, beef and oyster sauce, chicken honey and mustard (a favorite last night), chicken broccoli and stilton (yum) and the list goes on.

Also serves a great pint of beer but as I was driving I didn't have a sniffle.

Oh I hasten to add that there is no demon barber in sight - at least I don't think so.... gasp!

Got back to training yesterday, a nice wake up call with 4 sets of 15:5 bricks. YUM!... in the gym (YUK!)

Oh and must apologise for amount of literary mistakes in my last blog - bad Karen (obviously I was still tired... cough cough)

ORN: 4*5min = 3600m
OBN: 3*15min+1*10min = 27.3km

Saturday, June 21, 2008

UK Ironman 70.3 Race Report

Hey folks! Sorry taken a while but my broadband has been down :o( ... GRRRrrrrrrr

I'll try NOT to write a novel with this one 'k?!

Race day - 3 (Thursday)
Evening. All was well. Decided to look at the inner tubes from my previous weekends 3 * punctures.
Puncture was in exact the same place!!!!
Rip of tyre
Rip out inner
Check current inner - no new whole
Look at wheel - can't see anything wrong
Can't do anything as bike shop is shut till the 'morrow....
... and go to sleep (panicking)

Race Day - 2 (Friday)
Wake up - remember about the back wheel issue...
Wait until the bike shop opens
Go to the bike shop - get them to check out wheel.
They see no problem either
They fit a new inner tube and tyre
They reinflate the wheel
The wheel holds true

Eventually get on the road to head for the Somerset/ Devon borders. Get caught in lots of Friday evening traffic after a couple of accidents close the motorways ... yawn

Get to the campsite. Meet up with Suzanne and Nick (met them at La Santa earlier in the year). Pitch tent, eat food, go to bed... and FREEZE..... ;o)... Thought "isn't it June - why is it so cold" .. be thankful of packing wooly hat!!!

Race Day -1 (Saturday)
Head down to the lake for 9am and get registered. Get given transition bags, numbers etc etc. Decide not to bother with open water swim and head out of the venue (too many nerves) and go back to the campsite for a quick spin on the bike instead.

Bike holds true (final phew!), back at the site Nick and Suzanne are diligently putting numbers on bike, wetsuit, swim hat, track pump, transition bags etc..... so I join in the fun.
Whilst at home I had pre-packed what I thought I needed in my transition bags (I hadn't realised until I read it that, rather then having kit by the bike in transition, you have a swim-bike bag and a bike-run bag which you put your kit in - this gets stashed in relevant tents). So unpacked and repacked into the relevant bags added a few extras (like spare socks in run bag, vaseline, ibroprofen etc). Have some lunch then pack the car back up with bike, transition bags and head back to the venue for racking, bag hanging and the compulsory race brief. No great shakes with that, take a wander around transition and some of the run route - spy the size of the hill coming out of the swim to transition (approx 400m and quite sharp!)... the starts of the hills to come.

Got back to the campsite where my support crew; Sarah, Simone and Sanna had arrived!! Put down the tent and moved into our new abode (a caravan!! what luxury!!). Headed to the pub for an early dinner - I refrained from beer and had a nice meal of spaghetti bolognese! YUM! Refrained from both a pint of beer and pudding! Told the girls I really needed an early night, proceeded to gossip for several hours and hit the sack at 10pm!

Alarm went off at 0330 (!), luckily I woke up at 0329 ;o)...... Made a nice cup of tea, trying to creep (as much as you can do) around the caravan! Jules had recommended 10 slices of bread and jam.... Made five slices... ENOUGH! I couldn't jam any more in!!!

Headed to the car with my final packed white transition bag (this one had post race clothes etc) at 0415 and watched the outside temperature dial go down from a chilly 7.5degrees to 5 at lake side... it was cold.... and to set the picture; first lights of dawn were appearing, bright but cloudy skies forming, mist hung over the lake - like the proverbial dragon's mist from days of King Arthur!

Headed into transition to load up the bike with water bottles, check the tyres etc. All too soon it was time to get into my wetsuit. We got carouled in transition and herded like lambs down to the lake. The ground was freezing underfoot. Everyone's feet were red with cold - the ambient temperature of the lake was warmer then that of the ground! 1000 wetsuit clad mad people headed into the lake and floated out. Without warning a hooter sounded and we looked at each other and realised... we were OFF!!!!


SWIM: 0:38:44
The joke of it is - this is the only flat bit of the course!! With a mass in water start of 1000 people I decided not only to take up the offer of a "novice" green cap but to also start wide to the right. Thankfully! Whilst it wasn't the most punishing of starts (compared to Lisbon) it was a while before you got clear water. I stayed well out of trouble to the right, although fear this may have led to a bit more metres in the swim! LOL...

Heading up to buoy one was a laugh, breathing either side I figured I was a bit closer then I should have been to the right hand bank, then looking to the left thought "phew" as it looked kinda busy over there! Spotting about every 8 strokes was pointless - all I could see was mist, arms and spray and figured "well everyone's heading in this direction so I'll carry on going!" Obviously a little bit of a traffic jam at the left hand turn buoy then off to turn two (the course is kinda triangular) ... again did not have a clue where I was headed apart from perhaps towards that single green bush on the lake side!! This leg I think was slightly shorter and the swimmers had started thinning out a bit (in terms of width of swimmers! Still busy as hell!).... Turning the final buoy I still felt very relaxed, wasn't putting a great deal of effort in, just concentrated on swimming long and relaxed. Had one angry moment when I guy (or woman but suspect a guy) decided to hit me, I wasn't too impressed given the amount of space so shouted an obscenity in the water!! I'm sure he/she didn't hear that (it would have been a load of bubbles), but it did make me feel better!

Finally got to the swim exit, just about the time when I was beginning to feel a bit cold. A helper undid my velcro and handed me my zip-pull..... and then I waddled up the hill into T1!

T1: 0:08:38
Some 400m hill rep in wetsuit later... I grabbed my blue bag and headed into the transition tent. I can honest say I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING for so long! If I didn't know any better I'd have thought I must have sat down for a bit of a snooze, blow dry the hair that sort of thing!! Anyhow, didn't do that but did get my arm warmers on, bike top on (Wes/ Akshay - It was my "Atlanta Cycling" jersey!!!!), tried to get as much grass off my feet, socks on, shoes on and waddled off to my bike!

Bike: 3:54:22
It was still very cold on T1 exit. Although glad of the arm warmers, my feet quickly hit the frozen mark! This was the subject of much chatter between us! Straight out of T1 have a slight climb then a short down hill before climb, climb, climbing - which set the tone for the day.

In the first few k I saw a few people whose day was already over. One guy's nice carbon stead was in two after a crash, a girl was beside herself in tears at the side of the road. ... but then the climb stopped you looking and got you focused! Having made it to the "top" section of the course I found myself being continually overtaken (or so it felt), I didn't feel disheartened by this as I just told myself it was ok as I'd beaten them in the swim!!

So I knew this was going to be hilly. But is there any need to put in over 1600m of climbing in a half ironman ;o) Well it made it challenging!!!
If I'm not mistakien that means we climbed more then the height of Ben Nevis - which is not only a mountain but also the highest on in the British Isles. Still I had trained on hills and the idea was to try and finish the bike having not got off the bike at all. Well I didn't get off the bike on the hills (there were plenty of peeps walking up the beasts in the second lap - the average gradient of one hill was 14%!) but did need to get off during lap 1 for a porto-loo break!

Just as I thought I was drying out about 3/4 through lap one (not from the port-loo break I may add in case you read that wrong lol!) ...the heavens opened and it really lashed it down. Oh British summer weather!! So we all got wet and cold all over again!

There was great support on parts of the course - had my own support crew based at the campsite on course. Alas, we hadn't sync'd our watchs up - so when I said I thought I'd be at the site about 0830 on lap one, well they missed me by about a minute (apparently!), and there's me thinking they were still in bed in the caravan! Anyhow, second lap had my full support out, and then further up the road a work colleague and friend, Lesley, who had come all the way down with her husband to cheer me on (how FAB was that!)
Oh I did get followed (stalked) for a couple of k by the TV motorcycle crew - so will be watching out for the TV coverage to come out - really I (well my arse) has got to be on it!!!! ;o)

Had a nice final few k whizzing down the hill to the lake and T2, one cheeky little climb at the end and I was done... WHOOOP!

T2: 04:13
Much better time, particularly given I decided I needed another break of nature! There were people here to take your bike off you and also help you with your change bag (repack it etc). They were like Angel's appearing! I've no idea who helped me, think it was a lady (but can't be sure)...... I knew in T2 I had plenty of time to do the half, knew that even if I had to walk it all that I had the time to do so before the race cut off.... I knew leaving T2 that come what I was going to finish. I was in no hurry, I had plenty of time!... .Leaving T2 I remembered the promises I had made "I won't push it", "If I feel bad like Lisbon I'll walk", "If my foot hurts I'll walk".... and remembered the final voicemail words from my good friend Katharine "Karen, don't forget to put your sensible head on!"....

So I thought "OK all I've got to do is a half-marathon.. what a laugh!"

Run: 02:20:30
So started off at a "I wonder if I can run" type of pace, and joined the course. This is a 3 lap "undulating" course, mostly off road. You enter the course kinda in the middle of it then head out one side of the lake to a damn, do a dead turn on that then all the way back, past this middle section and all the way down to the other end of the lake for another turn before heading back and zig-zagging the field by the swim start and starting it all again!

Hummm.... so I had decided already to walk the aide stations (there were three) and seeing what else I could do - depending on the foot! Jogged along wondering how I was going to do the run, saw the mile marker (gulped) thinking how am I going to do another 12 miles and then saw this beast of a hill in front of me!! Hummm looked ahead to see virtually everyone walking it... so I joined them! At least there was an equally steep down hill the other side!!

Got to the dead turn at one point to see Lesley and Billy had made their way from the bike course to this point! It was ACE to have support at such a remote part of the course! GREAT. Decided that these feed station would be where I grabbed a pepsi (note advertised as flat but was not!!).... I think I must have been blowing them a kiss in this picture!!

Headed back towards the lake, back off road and some undulating hills... these offered a nice little walk break!! Heading towards the other end of the lake (more "hills", although i'm sure they probably weren't that bad) I actually felt ok - finally warmed up and I think for the first time since I had taken my feet out of my shoes to change into my wetsuit, I could feel my feet! Joy!....This is heading towards turn two, obviously I'm having a little bit of a walking/ stretching kind of moment!!
Just as I was getting to the next dead turn I saw my personal support crew of Sarah, Sanna and Simone walking through some undergrowth to get to the course! It was great to see the guys down there too!

Headed back to start lap two and that blinkin hill.... It was walking up this for the second time that my right hamstring played a little joke on me... just as I was getting towards the top (luckily) it said "ha! ha! run or I'll cramp up" ... Humm how rude! Still off I trotted. Lesley by now had got the crowd down at the turn into a big frenzy so I had them all shouting for me when I got there! Obviously I stopped and took a bow!... Headed back and got back to turn two, the girls had gone but Mum and Dad had arrived!!! Hurrah! That was GREAT! So I stopped to give them a hug (as you do)

Caught up with the girls in the middle section of the course, lap 2 went by really fast.... still felt pretty much ok (I think it was all the walk breaks that saved me!) and thankfully headed out into lap 3 - beginning to feel pretty excited about finishing at this stage!

During lap three I came across a guy and we started jogging together, about the same pace. After we'd passed Lesley and that turn for the final time he said I could head off and that I had already really helped him out, to be honest though, it was great having some company.... so we got chatting some more and I said I wasn't bothered about the time - if he agreed to run on the flats and down the hills we'd walk everything that had a gradient over 1%! He agreed and we had a really nice jog really. Turns out he was a Doctor running for Leukemia Research having had a close friend having been diagnosed a couple of years beforehand. This is us having one of our "walk breaks"It wasn't until a k or so later that we actually introduced ourselves. So Martin - you were FAB company! It was really great having some company after so many hours of solitude! We stayed together until the very final stretch 200m or so from the end which was slightly up hill. I wanted to finish on my own really and I think Martin got that. So I jogged off.... rounded the finish straight with the girls egging me on. I crossed the line and just burst in to tears!

I was so overwhelmed that I actually really lost it for a second or two (maybe three or four). This has meant so much for so long I can't believe I've done it!

I was so relieved, chuffed to pieces, amazed... well you get the drift. Most of all I really REALLY enjoyed it. Not having goals other then to enjoy the experience and finish was key to the enjoyment factor I'm sure.

Having family and friends down there really helped too - I'm lucky to have such brilliant people in my life.

Needless to say I was more then happy to show my medal off!!!

As for this week.... I've done nothing but EAT! Including LOTS OF CAKE!!! LOL!

Sunday, June 15, 2008




(52 hills in 56 mile, 2*14% gradient and more - yuk!)

Even the run out of the swim was up!!




CHILLY 5 (41 Fahrenheit) at the 6am start

and stayed cold for most of the bike ... brrrr

TIME: 7:06:20

No splits yet as no results up!


and now it's time for zzzzzz

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's all in the numbers....

First off can I just say - Has it really been a week since I last blogged? Humm sure I did that blog on Friday... but it says it was the 3rd... I must in a Dr Who like time warp or something (without the daleks) ! Worked it out - I started the blog header Tuesday but don't think I finished the post until Friday... Hummm

So here we are (or more to the point, here I am).... days away from my 70.3 quest.

There is no hiding now.

Good news is my foot is nearly there (about time), I managed a 30min run Sunday pain free (just need to add 2hrs to that then this Sunday...LOL).

I started this adventure training wise back in December, but really I started it in May 06 returning home from the desert - this triathlon thing was something which I could barely imagine me being able to do, something so absurd it was a to be a real challenge "out there somewhere" at that point yeah I could run (like 3miles) and yes so I knew how to ride a bike (after all I had a mountain bike), I didn't drown when I went to the pool (as long as I didn't try and swim more then 25m at a time). This challenge is like a statement of life for me. I am alive, I can do this (ok give or take 3 punctures, a mechanical or foot failure...LOL)

Could I have trained more?
Of course, yes.. {ED: note just done the stats and as you'll see below I certainly could have!}

Do I mind that I didn't?
No not right now, I've had a pretty balanced life these last few months. (Although I do reserve the right to change my mind on that one on Monday ok?!) Work obviously being this biggest time sucker but then it pays the bills (and possibly a new bikey) so gotta put the hours in!

What's my objective for Sunday
Simple - to finish and enjoy the experience. I'm putting no expectations on myself, sure I've looked at the times and wouldn't it be great to do "well". But when I look at my reason for doing this, it's not to hurt myself in the process, it's not having an expectation of result. I want to finish, it will be the biggest physical challenge I've attempted (although could be close run thing with my attempt to walk the 100k of the south downs inside 30hours - a sniff for you ultra's I know but I didn't make it - injured - and it took me a while to recover), and I want to finish having good memories of the experience. I've enjoyed the training and I want to enjoy the race and be healthy at the end... well as healthy as you can be after one of these LOL..... If I like it that much I can raise the bar next time around after all :o)

My training started in earnest on Saturday 8th December and for this iteration finishes Sunday 15th June... phewy..... so excluding this weeks taper here's it in numbers;

Available training days: 184 days
Actual trained days: 184-65 (65...WTF!)= 119 days in total I trained for 164 hours 36mins
Swim 57km in 31hrs 51mins
Bike 1,687.4km in 73hrs 44mins
Run 401.7km in 43hrs 14mins
Other 15hrs 49mins

My 65 days off were a bit from sickness, a bit because of holiday (snowboarding :o))) ), travelling (to a variety of places), work, laziness... certainly got more consistent training in when I got my coach sorted around March time.... says it all about my discipline ;o)

All I need to do know is swim 1.2 miles, ride 56 and run 13.1...... 70.3 I hear you calling already.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

May Stato

Where has the week gone (again!).... hummm...

OK so I've not updated my training stats for May yet (probably because they stink!! LOL), but before I do I want to reflect on something;

I texted Leanne the other day telling her about a sportive I planned for this Sunday.. quote "I'm only in the shortie as I need to do a 3hr easy ride"... We talked later and reflected how a year ago neither of us had done a 40k ride! How a year ago 2hours on the bike was a l-o-n-g ride and anything over 40mins a long run. Oh what difference a year makes! I guess that's what 70.3 does for you??

Anyhow, yes May....

Now as I remember stating "Lots of travel, getting any long distance training in will be challenging"... Yep.... Here's the 4 weeks of stage "Pre-Comp 3" 28 April to 25 May, it's not pretty!

Swim 6.70k in 3:27:00 (avg 30:54 per k)
Bike 189.9k in 8:03:52 (2:33 per k)
Run 46.67k in 5:05:13 (6:32 per k)
Other 2hrs (walking)

OH DEAR - not ideal the month before my biggest TRI challenge ever!! LOL... well you gotta laugh or I'd probably cry!

Given I didn't train (travel, work, laziness) for 12 of the 28 days I guess we can easily see why the numbers are so low - at least I expected them though, so kinda planned (hummmm), and I did do an Oly race and get some PB's in it?!?!

You want to hear something funny though.. .since I got back (ie in the last week and a half), I've already cycled more then I did in that last phase!!! So much for "taper" ;o)... Actually I have been enjoying it - am still really pleased about the ride last Sunday (despite it ending early) as getting up Streatley was a real confidence booster. Have one more long bikey to do (66k sportive on Sunday), then I'm pretty much done!


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Doing the sensible thing...

Something strange happened today.

I did the sensible thing... Oh how amazed my Mum and Dad will be ;o)

My week has gone something like this (I'll get to the "sensible" bit in a mo)....

Get home Monday horribly jet-lagged to be greeted with traditional British bank holiday weather = thunderstorms, downpours and cold... nice. So quickly ditched the idea of a bike session, and run for that matter... at least outside and headed into the gym for a couple of hours of pain of the brick variety (30:10*3). So far so good.

Tuesday was a visit to the physio to check out the dodgey toe issue I've been having... LUCKILY it doesn't seem to be a stress fracture (and breath that huge sigh of relief, I wasn't looking forward to the pain from the ultrasound if it had been!)... but a mere inconvenience of something with a fancy name "metatarsalgia" or "pain in the foot" as I prefer to call it... humm so my nice physio gave me some accupunture and some ultrasound and told me to stay off it for a "few days"... so I checked with him what he meant, the conversation went something like this;

ME: So it won't be ok to run tomorrow?
ME: Ok so Thursday, I've got a 1hr40 run scheduled for Thursday
ADRIAN: No, you shouldn't
ME: So Friday then, I can swap some sessions around
ADRIAN: No, I mean you need to rest it....
ME: OK so the weekend then?
ADRIAN: No Karen, you really need to rest it a week, and ice it too.

In my mind....



I've not done a long long (ie 2hr run) since before my last half marathon, and now I'm not going to .... aghhhhh...Oh.. Hummm.. so I panic and sent an email to coach Phil... being the calm, cool, experienced, welshman that he is obviously this is no problem as he'll just switch by long runs into x-trainer:bike and treadmill:weight sessions from hell instead.... Panic kind of over

and then we get to Wednesday
0230 (yes in the morning) I wake, feel a bit yukky
0330 I wake and yes I am a bit yukky; hello dinner you don't look so good the second time around
0430 I decide (as you do when you've been barfing for an hour - all common sense flushed down the loo), that I should text my work colleagues to tell them I wouldn't make it in the next day (we had a thing on at work)... the thought of a train journey in the rush hour was making me want to heave even more...

So I had to "rest" anyhow Wednesday and Thursday due to extreme feelings of nausea and such.. blur

{yes yes I'm getting to the sensible bit}

Friday at trip back to Adrian for more needles and ultrasound - my foot by the way now makes me look like I could be some kind of heroine addict as it has pin marks between my toes...

So Saturday then. A lovely day yesterday and the "plan" called for a 2 hr ride, 15mins warm-up 1.5hrs and perceived HIM pace and the a 15min warm-down. As I had managed food on Friday I thought I was ok to give it a go.... no problems, some queasiness but actually I felt ok... then managed my 10min run which wasn't so good in the tummy and foot areas. Still I did it all and ate a hearty meal out with friends in the evening..... and then my tummy basically told me to sod off again... although I wasn't sick I'm definitely not right (if you get my meaning)

TODAY then (I'm getting there honest)
Today I had a 4hour easy ride on the plan with a light run off. Now easy I don't think necessarily constitutes doing some of the hardest hills around this area. But I had planned a lovely 103k around Reading route taking in some lovely countryside so I thought, well it may take me over the allotted 4 hours and it may not be easy but it'll give me a real confidence boast doing those hills, particularly if I can conquer the infamous streatley hill having already covered 60+k.

So off I set, not a bad day for it.....

... Got to Streatley (well Goring to be precise which is the other side of the river) where I think I made a mistake... having stopped for a break of nature I decided to quickly scoff a banana before going up the hill... now had this scoff been 5k or even 1k away then probably fair enough. But no, i ate it just at the bottom of the hill... HUMM.. what a dumbo! The good news was a ploughed up the hill mostly seated (amazing) with 4 out of saddle climbs... by the time I got to the top I really thought I was going to see that banana again... humm... and that feeling stayed with me.. and stayed and stayed... and then stayed some more... I got to about 70+ k in to the journey with some 30 to go and felt really really sick... like about to heave any minute sick.

And this is where I got sensible.

I stopped, looked at the map.... "could cut off and head to a train station and ditch the remaining ks home"... the dilemma being I really wanted to get that 100k ride in.... BUT (i) I felt rough and (ii) I achieved my test which was doing the Streatley with 2+hours already done in my legs (plus other climbs already)....... so I ummed and aghhed for a while... then figured "you know what, you've not been feeling great for a few days, food isn't sticking in your system so you're gonna feel like crap, if you carry on you're going to feel worse. You know you could do the distance so why bother when there's no real need to."....."you know what your Mum would say"....

So they won't believe me (my Mum and Dad that is)... but I did the SENSIBLE THING... I headed the 5ish k to Theale station and got a train to one near me, just a little 5k ride to home from there which was quite a good warm-down (and better then the 30 which I was still facing if I had not cut it short).

I ditched the run after too... I'm still being sensible and I'm still feeling like food is a precious commodity which doesn't want to play ball with me!

So it seems at the ripe age of 38 I can do the sensible thing (ok don't expect that every time).....


HUGE (HUGE) SHOUT OUT TO FELLOW LISBONKER, ANGEL, who completed her first HIM today Switzerland 70.3.. WELL DONE GIRL!