Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's all in the numbers....

First off can I just say - Has it really been a week since I last blogged? Humm sure I did that blog on Friday... but it says it was the 3rd... I must in a Dr Who like time warp or something (without the daleks) ! Worked it out - I started the blog header Tuesday but don't think I finished the post until Friday... Hummm

So here we are (or more to the point, here I am).... days away from my 70.3 quest.

There is no hiding now.

Good news is my foot is nearly there (about time), I managed a 30min run Sunday pain free (just need to add 2hrs to that then this Sunday...LOL).

I started this adventure training wise back in December, but really I started it in May 06 returning home from the desert - this triathlon thing was something which I could barely imagine me being able to do, something so absurd it was a to be a real challenge "out there somewhere" at that point yeah I could run (like 3miles) and yes so I knew how to ride a bike (after all I had a mountain bike), I didn't drown when I went to the pool (as long as I didn't try and swim more then 25m at a time). This challenge is like a statement of life for me. I am alive, I can do this (ok give or take 3 punctures, a mechanical or foot failure...LOL)

Could I have trained more?
Of course, yes.. {ED: note just done the stats and as you'll see below I certainly could have!}

Do I mind that I didn't?
No not right now, I've had a pretty balanced life these last few months. (Although I do reserve the right to change my mind on that one on Monday ok?!) Work obviously being this biggest time sucker but then it pays the bills (and possibly a new bikey) so gotta put the hours in!

What's my objective for Sunday
Simple - to finish and enjoy the experience. I'm putting no expectations on myself, sure I've looked at the times and wouldn't it be great to do "well". But when I look at my reason for doing this, it's not to hurt myself in the process, it's not having an expectation of result. I want to finish, it will be the biggest physical challenge I've attempted (although could be close run thing with my attempt to walk the 100k of the south downs inside 30hours - a sniff for you ultra's I know but I didn't make it - injured - and it took me a while to recover), and I want to finish having good memories of the experience. I've enjoyed the training and I want to enjoy the race and be healthy at the end... well as healthy as you can be after one of these LOL..... If I like it that much I can raise the bar next time around after all :o)

My training started in earnest on Saturday 8th December and for this iteration finishes Sunday 15th June... phewy..... so excluding this weeks taper here's it in numbers;

Available training days: 184 days
Actual trained days: 184-65 (65...WTF!)= 119 days in total I trained for 164 hours 36mins
Swim 57km in 31hrs 51mins
Bike 1,687.4km in 73hrs 44mins
Run 401.7km in 43hrs 14mins
Other 15hrs 49mins

My 65 days off were a bit from sickness, a bit because of holiday (snowboarding :o))) ), travelling (to a variety of places), work, laziness... certainly got more consistent training in when I got my coach sorted around March time.... says it all about my discipline ;o)

All I need to do know is swim 1.2 miles, ride 56 and run 13.1...... 70.3 I hear you calling already.


  1. I was telling somebody (I'm always telling somebody something :-), it's all about pace and nutrition! Find a comfortable pace, then eat and drink smart!! You'll be awesome!! Good luck!! I'll be thinking about you!!

    Do we get a bib number?

  2. Your gonna do great. Most of all have fun and remember when it hurts the most you will have forgotten all about it when you finish. Good Luck!

  3. JulesR6:12 pm

    ***Karen's Bib = 915***

    Can't argue with Wes - comfortable pace, good race nutrition and bite-sized race chunks.

    You've done the hard work so bring it home!

  4. Best wishes. What's your bib number? Can we track you??

    You asked me about if I've thought of doing a 70.3 - answer is that right now I'm not interested in that distance. Maybe someday, but not now, and I'm fine with that. :)

  5. Good luck and have fun!!!!!

  6. When you list your training out like that it looks like a heck of a lot.
    Hope it all comes together for you - Good Luck!

  7. Go have a blast! Look forward to your report. Good luck!

  8. Good Luck on Sunday!