Friday, June 27, 2008

What next?

'K so I was supposed to go from the 70.3 and concentrate back on Oly distance for the London Triathlon right?


A rethink last week and.......

I AM doing a Oly - but it's a week on Saturday!! Not sure I'm going to be fully up for this so I'll just take it "easy"

AND THEN..........
I'm doing another 70.3(ish) distance at the VITRUVIAN triathlon (1.9k: 85k: 21k) on 6th September.. WHOOP!

This is the BTU national champs and most importantly my buddy Leanne is doing it as her first at this distance - so as I enjoyed Wimbleball so much I thought "what the hell" and entered!

Talk about resetting season goals on the fly ;o)

Managed to get back in the pool wednesday evening, despite being "run over" by some twit who obviously doesn't get pool overtaking etiquette I enjoyed the swim, cut it short at 50mins though due to being miffed about the swim over incident.... Anyhow, pleased as it's been a while, think I've lost speed/ technique so need to start getting back in more regularly again.

Did a 30min run session yesterday (whoop - this was my longest run, excluding the 70.3 lol, in about 6 weeks). A nice interval session, and no adverse reaction from my dodgey foot. Iced it and put brufen gel on it when I got back and all seems good.

More thoughts and ramblings later!!


  1. Ironman! Ironman! Ironman!! :-)

  2. A swimover in a shared lane at the pool is just RUDE. Next time, grab their ankles and pull 'em down. Okay, don't do that. But you can imagine doing it. ;P

    Sounds like you've discovered something enjoyable going long. Nothing wrong with resetting the plan along the way. :)

  3. At least you didnt just decide like 2 weeks out from it to do the 70.3ish . Youll be fin

  4. Haha.. listen to Wes!

    Nice, packed race calendar!

  5. Totally unrelated but when I was in London at the weekend the guy I sat next to at the wedding reception was wearing an H4H tie and cufflinks. I ended up talking about you!