Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who ate all the pies?

Well evidently I did! I've had a week off everything (other then work!), eating lots (mostly cake! LOL), but rounding it off with a nice ham and chicken pie at Sweeney Todd's last night. This is a terrific traditional pie shop in Reading. You can get a takeaway pie, but last night I met up with some friends and we had eat in pie... the selection is amazing; beef and ale, beef and oyster sauce, chicken honey and mustard (a favorite last night), chicken broccoli and stilton (yum) and the list goes on.

Also serves a great pint of beer but as I was driving I didn't have a sniffle.

Oh I hasten to add that there is no demon barber in sight - at least I don't think so.... gasp!

Got back to training yesterday, a nice wake up call with 4 sets of 15:5 bricks. YUM!... in the gym (YUK!)

Oh and must apologise for amount of literary mistakes in my last blog - bad Karen (obviously I was still tired... cough cough)

ORN: 4*5min = 3600m
OBN: 3*15min+1*10min = 27.3km


  1. Wha? They had great beer and you passed up even a *sniffle*? Are you sure your English? ;-)

    When are you coming to see me again? LOL! I AM training for an Ironman ya know :-O

  2. Yeah bricks in the gym are definitely yuck

  3. So I'm thinking Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Rhubarb Pie... and then I see beef, chicken and such. I guess we call those "pot pies". Sounds good but now I need some apple pie. However I suppose the pot pie would go better with beer.

  4. Nice.. You earned that pie!

  5. Karen, you forgot to mention that before it was a pie shop, it used to be grandad's carpet shop back in the 70's