Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What to say.....

There are times when I think about blogging and there's so much to just say!

So many funny things that happen... then I have Soooooo many things that it gets too much to blog and so I don't.

This weekend was no exception, unless you're talking about blogging about tri-training in which case having too much to say would be the exact opposite.

I did no training so that is easy.. oh wait I did go swimming... how could I forget when i went to a public pool (OH MY! Couldn't make it to my club pool - but the local one in Bracknell was surprisingly good, warm and clean!)... still yes I did do that (virtual pat on the pack.. I thank you).... but that was it.

Nothing else

Nothing nadda...


Nul. Nil points! etc

I was going to bike on Saturday morning but it was FOGGY.. (what was that about?)... anyhow not wanting to ruin my life just yet (I don't trust the drivers around here in the little country lanes) I bailed and went for the swim option instead... not quite the same as a 2-3hour ride.

Saturday lunch I had to actually go to work (rude) and head down to the lovely Isle of Wight (not so rude and did make up for it a bit)... {edit: I think I want to go back there again and now have it on my list of a place to bike around}.... it looked nice and it's a smaller island then the one I currently live on!! LOL! So work function ensured Sat night then had to get up early to drive/ferry/drive back home.... was then toast from excess guiness and flaked on the sofa!

So Monday came and I decided to turn over a new leaf...

I've decided over the next few weeks I ought to have a "weekly challenge" to keep me motivated whilst I decide on next season!

Yes Monday's are great for that aren't they (ie starting something new)!! So this week is "do some form of exercise Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs" before I fly out on Friday, then "more on Sat Sun"... I want to break this current habit of doing next to nothing.

Perhaps before setting this challenge I should have looked at my work schedule as I had to get up at 5am for a red-eye flight on Monday!!! Ooops! Still I prep'd well and packed my kit in the boot of my car before adventuring towards Heathrow Terminal 5 (the new one for those not in the know). That was an experience of bright lights which my eyes had hardly woken up to my the time I got there at 6:15!! I blinked blindly as the lights drew me in like heading to a UFO on an old rerun of xFiles.

Having landed at about 7:15pm I did the right thing on the way back and headed up the M4 (rather then another route) which would make me route home passing the gym door - thus have no excuse to not pop in.

My Monday challenge was successful! I tried 10mins of rowing (not done that in a few years) before embarking on a 5min easy, 5 interval (30s:30s), 5 east, 5 interval, 5 easy on the dreadmill then trying for some stability work.. and this is when "revenge of the airline sandwich" nearly became public viewing for other gym goers... eugh!

Not yet done I headed for the pool, almost 9pm and still going (although not strong)... was a bit pooped so decided to have 30mins of play time in the pool, some drills etc... including a go at flip turns... I managed three before the water went up my nose causing that ice-cream like pain! Oh!

Tuesday challenge day has not been so successful as I only managed press-ups this morning. I'm still counting this though (I am being soft on myself I know).

Sorry about the dull blog... you'll have to understand that the highlight of my day has been new guttering being installed!! LOL!

Before I go just want to say a public CONGRATULATIONS to WES who I know most of you know who ACED his HIM race at the weekend...

OH OH and one more thing... anyone out there done New Orleans HIM or Austria HIM as I am actually contemplating these two (I have vowed NEVER to do a HIM again when I don't get silverware.. .it may be a waste of metal for some but I'd prefer that to a crappy t-shirt that shrinks in the wash the first time you wash it any time!)... how I get to New Orleans is a good question but given it's so early in the season I'm contemplating it as I'll have to actually start my training cycle kinda soon!

OH OH OH and one more thing.. I HAVE spyed a very VERY exciting race for November... a "CANICROSS"... a 5k race with a dog! Should be a hoot (or disaster!), have already asked my Dad if the dog is free that day!!

Any suggestions for next week (other then don't blow too much whilst at Vegas!.. yes folks I'm going there on Tuesday to find Elvis for one)!?

OH OH OH OH ... AND ... if you don't read warriorwomen's blog you ought just visit it today and read about the "Brompton World Championships"... I'm sure the dull weather we've had must have had something to do with this crazy idea!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well this post was going to be brief and be called Week 1 Day 1 as yes - you guessed it....

I'm starting the 100 Day Push up challenge again!! :o) Having had partial success last week (which was the original W1) I realised i had got to Week 2 without having complete my three sessions.... so not needing much more of an excuse to miss workout 3 I decided to start again... at least I can report that W1D1 mark 2 was easier!!

Before I go on let me tell you of my "blond" moment of the day.... yes travelling 100miles (each way) to a meeting can be a drag but particularly when you miss your exit (how!?) and end up on the M42 (notorious nasty piece of work motorway near Birmingham) at 0830 instead of being in the office...

To make matters work, despite my error TomTom assured me I was only 15mins from the office... HA! little did he know they were doing roadworks on the A45 and my 15mins ended up being an extra 1hr30 of jam... Moral of this story... pay attention at all times when you are driving!! DOH!

Still.. yes.. yes the subject of the blog....

OK so I got home (without missing my motorway exit - phew), and went straight to the gym for a spin class... and then decided in my enthusiasm that that wasn't enough and I'd try the circuit class too!!

[Yes great one Karen, let's do 45min spin having been up since before the crack of dawn and the go do a 1 hour circuit class...... humm]

... so I staggered out of the circuits and made my way home. Awaiting my return was one of my very nice and friendly neighbours to tell me my roof overflow had been dripping all day

(NOTE: I had a water meter fitted not even a week ago - what perfect timing for Thames Water to get extra spondulies from me)..

..anyhow... yes.. Paul came and told me about the dripping he kindly said he'd come in and help me sort. A quick look outside and a flush of the loo confirmed indeed the tank in the roof was overfilling! Damn!

So we headed to the loft, ladder and lantern in hand.... and that's when I found ..."it"....

yes I opened up the hatch to find "it" everywhere.....
what is "it" I hear you cry....
"doodo's" is what....
it was over the hatch a bit like dust but a bit more then that ... and then when I popped my head up to see it was just everywhere on one side of the opening. I could do nothing but yell

"Errrr Mouse CRAP!" at Paul (who did look a bit startled)....

anyway to the task in hand.. the tank...ignoring the stuff I moved over to the tank. So I looked at the inlet valve, it was covered in loads of chalk etc which explained why the valve wasn't closing off properly. A quick flush through of some water (suggested by Paul) has temporarily done the trick....

so on to the second matter...

The amount of crap covering some of the loft space...

By this time Paul had popped his head up to take a look (or more like say "EUGH!")..... more light reveiled that the crap was over smallish area only, covering my kit bag completely and some of my Christmas decorations... It was a this point Paul figured it out...

BATS!.... Makes sense... For a start there'd have to be a family of 1000 mice for that much mouse crap!... and Bats are known to roost in lofts in the area if they can. I have yet to do the test though (which does involve touching and squishing the stuff in your fingers... eugh... may skip that!)

I've done some research and they are protected so not much I can do but they should move out around September time so it could be they've already flown the nest (ok roost) as it were.

Given the examples of bat crap (sorry droppings - much better word) I've found, it would appear I'm likely to have/ had the Pipistrelle or possibly the Long Eared variety as these particularly like woodland and guess what is behind my house!?!?

May know some more tomorrow as Paul is venturing back in to the loft space to fix the tank issue!!

Maybe we'll see one of them!

The question is how can something so small create such a heap of dumppings!! Maybe there's more then one.... OMG!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I've just had a nice pint of T.E.A

Let me ensure you understand.....

I know I'm English and believe me I could easily drink a pint of tea..... but in this particular case I'm talking T.E.A


from Hogs Back Brewer no less.... and it was quite good actually.

This is only going to be a short post (I can hear the global sigh of relief..... lol...ok maybe just a few sighs then).

Anyhow, I wanted to share this song with y'all as it was the last to come of the radio in the car as I got back from the hairdressers this evening (yes I'm still in "recovery" mode and hair cuts count). So here's a spot of "NOAH AND THE WHALES" with "FIVE YEARS TIME" - enjoy!

Such a "happy" song for the weekend don't ya think?? Who knows what we will be doing in five years time!

And for the record I did a lovely 8k'er today at lunchtime.... the miracle wasn't the distance but the fact the sun was out. Yes people the sun! JOY!

Oh and I did manage to squeeze out some press/push-ups yesterday evening (albeit with 5mins rest between efforts rather then 90s) so that's week 1 day 2 done!! LOL.... not sure when wk1 D3 is going to happen!

Have "Fun! Fun! Fun!" now this weekend people!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

After being miserable...

Well ok I still have am feeling a little s.a.d... but am on the path to enlightenment (possibly with a lumie!)

So what of "Oh Woa is me - Wednesday"

Well let me take you back to yesterday morning... me (and the weather) dull, grey, miserable... I was walking around like a child with a big pouty front lip... replying to most noises (albeit only from Muffin or Soros the cats asking for food), with a humpf and growl...

Then I got a text message from tri buddy Leanne... "are you coming to the club swim tonight?"


So I replied: "Depends how much I'm still sulking..."
with some humpfs and snarls commenting on lack of indication from drivers on the road and people deciding to walk out in front of the car on the way to work etc etc

She then told me "it will be fun you should come..."


"I may come... BUT only if I can wear my wetsuit as the pool is cold.... and I'm saying that in a sulky fashion"

So she got her way and asked if I was stomping my foot yet...

And then I got to work.... yes maybe that's what I need... a club swim, a bit of socialising, let's not worry about the water temp.... my spirits were lifting and I started my day at work... HURRAH.. almost!

Escaping from the doom which is the IT sales industry at the moment (yeah us guys sell to big banks too) a little later then planned I called Leanne to make sure she was still going. After all, if she wasn't then I had my perfect excuse to not bother, go find some chocolate and sulk on the sofa. Alas, despite her missing her train home she told me she had prepared well and had packed her stuff in the car and would make it.... DAMN!

So I got home, dragged my sorry arse out of my suit and dropped myself into my swim suit, unfortunately I was still going to be on time.

Finally dragging my feet with me made it to the pool..... and guess what


IT WASN'T THAT COLD, and no I didn't wear my wetsuit!

We DID get buffeted by all the waves, coming at us through the ropes and bouncing off the walls back.

We worked hard - even nearly managed to finish the entire set (which would have been a first, the only reason I didn't was because of cold water cramp!)

The moral of this story: We all have choices in life, sometimes when we're down in the dumps we can take a decision ourselves to just be happier (just try smiling a little and see what happens) and reach out for a friend.... They may suggest something you weren't expecting or want to hear but have a go and see what happens.

{Editorial note: I am personally happier possibly because of the rush of endorphins that swim gave me thus temporarily satiating my addiction! ROFL!}

Oh and as for the push-ups... humm... week 1 day 2 has not yet happened... although I may just give them a go later today.

OH and for the record - I did manage 30mins on the dreaded turbo trainer this morning! HA HA!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The days are starting dark, the evenings are closing in, and we've not yet reached the Autumn equinox yet, after which I can official be S.A.D can't I??

We have had the dullest year on record (it's official)

The lose of Mojo travelling the world has, it seems, arrived at my door :o(

Or do I just have a bit of the post Vitruvian blues? Probably a combination I reckon.

So I've been thinking of a few "challenges" just to keep me entertained.

NO, and let me make this REALLY clear... IT'S NOT AN IRONMAN!!! HA HA!

I watched with interest during the summer as people got bitten by the bug which is;
Yes that challenge... did anyone actually finish this?

Well I did my test at the weekend - made it to a whooping 7, quite some way short of my military training 2min test record of about 42!! But then I was younger!

Anyhow I did week 1 day 1 on Monday morning then went for a swim. Came out of the swim and thought

"Blimey! I must have worked by arms out quite hard as they are aching. Maybe I've suddenly worked out the catch phase properly"

I have the memory of a goldfish at the moment, so that mornings press-ups had skipped my mind!.... went for a run Monday evening and thought

"wow that's made my arms and strangely my abs ache.. how wierd."....

It was then looking at the programme on my fridge door a bit later that it came to me...
"Oh yes"... "That'll be it! Silly me!"

A night of restlessness ensued on Monday night - every time I moved in my sleep it hurt and I woke up!! LOL! What a whombat! If I'm this sore after DAY 1 not sure I'm actually going to make it to the end of the first week!!! I'm supposed to do week 1 day 2 today and I can tell you this is NOT going to happen this morning, no way, nadda, NO!

Right - shall I swim bike or run today.. or do what I did yesterday - sit in my car travelling for nearly 4 hours... hummm.... only in the local office so I have no excuse for laziness!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recovery Week - Summary

Bad planning saw me have a manic start to the week work wise (including a 400mile round trip to Manchester on Tuesday - bleah), that coupled with a manic catch up socialising.... here's the summary of my recovery week;

Red Wine (glasses of): 6
Real Ale (pints of): 3.5
Guinness (pints of): 1
Champagne (pink, flutes of): 4
Chips (aka fries - plate of): 1
Chocolate (bars of): 2
Chocolate (volcanic pudding): 2
Cheese (stinky): small slab (amazingly little for me!)
Ice cream: 3 scoops of home made mango (thanks Nathalie), 1 cornetto

So I think I blew the diet somewhat and have certainly gone over the recommended number of "units" for the week.. Oops... nothing like making up for it is there... needless to say I'm feeling a little jaded ;o) and am probably about a stone heavier!! LOL!

Oh from an exercise summary point of view;
Swim - recovery - 30mins
Bike - recovery spin; 30mins, 15mins, long recover 2hrs (felt dead at the end of that!)
Run - none yet, am supposed to be doing one today (just a gentle 20mins), but frankly my head and tum may not want to play (over indulgence last night)

Got a bit of a better week planned this week - no alcohol for a start!! LOL!

So now the season is nearly over I gotta figure out what next to keep me busy over Autumn and Winter months.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Vitruvian 2008 Race Report

Left Friday evening, managing to get out of work for 4.20pm and get on the road. Or should that be car park.... yes folks.... I dared to head towards the M25 on a Friday evening. Leanne had a similar plan to me and it turned out we were about a quarter of a mile apart as we crawled around the M25.... I thought we had enough time to get there, register and rack before the Friday evening cut off at 8pm..... that was until we got on the M25... some two hours and 45miles later we RV'd at a Starbucks for tactical break and so we could go the rest of the way in convoy... Anyways we left and rejoined a traffic queue - when we finally hit the A1M, TomTom was telling me we'd be arriving at 7.56pm.... a quick discussion over the mobiles ensued... and we floored it!! We may have broken the speed limit ever so slightly but we made up some time and cruised into the venue with 15mins to spare. No probs!

So we registered and racked the bikes... no numbers on the rack for the bike due to the rain leaving the rack stickers not sticking.... so we got told which line and then just got on with placing the bikes where we liked... so we headed up towards the bike in/out to make things easier for transition the next day (and besides it must have been the right place as that's where the other bikes were!!)

We were lucky enough to sniff out some food at the venue and so we got a belly full of pasta... as they rain continued to pour we went our seperate ways as Leanne headed off to find Dan (who had an epic trip himself getting back to Blighty from Norway!)... and I headed off into the countryside to find my B&B, functional little pub in a village called Branston (a good sign given I am a fan of Branston pickle).


Actually managed a good nights sleep although inevitably I did have an oversleeping nightmare - which was VERY realistic and VERY confusing when I woke up realising it was still dark (and still raining). The people at the pub were kind enough to provide by breakfast before I went to bed - several rounds of white bread and jam. Perfect!

Transition was only open from 5am to 6am so no point getting up too early, although my race time was 0710 so woke about 4ish and ate to make sure it all went down prior to the swim (unlike the HIM earlier in the year when I was burping up a nice bready jam taste throughout!). Got to T-zero at about 5:15 and started getting my kit out. Decided to put the shoes on the bike and just my towel out. I left my bike kit in one small bag and run kit in another - it was still raining and the forecast was .. for rain...

About 5:30ish Leanne showed up looking like a bunny caught in the headlights!

Having got things as sorted as it was going to get, staring at the bike some more, looking at other people's set up, staring blankly some more... we both finally decided there was nothing else to do but grab our wetsuits and join the queue for the porta-loo.

AND this is my biggest complaint about the race. There were nearly a 1000 competitors and guess what... 7 portaloos in total! OMG! The queues were huge and let's just say those loos got a bashing. There was no where near enough for the competitors and certainly not enough for the travelling supporters. What's worse there were no stops at all at any point on the race. None in transition, none on the bike, none on the run. I personally don't think this is a good idea for us mere novices. It wouldn't have been as bad if there had been some kind of thing to hide behind if you got caught short on the run, but let's just say the run was all very exposed - and you really would have been yourself if you had needed to go.

OK I won't go on - think you get the drift. It was a poor bit of organisation.

So - we left transition and headed towards a loo-queue... there were people absolutely legging it trying to get into transition before the 6am close... talk about cutting it fine. Couldn't believe it - really the organisers were screaming over the PA to get in and people were flying down the road to try and get in. Not sure what caused so many people to be so late - maybe something on the road? Or just bad planning (I think the later as all those late appeared to be men!! LOL!)

Still now it wasn't raining which was a good thing! We looked at the queue and decided we'd be better off listening to the race briefing and queuing again after the first waves started! Which was as good as plan as any.

Finally got to the stage when we needed to squeeze into the wetsuits. Heats were going off every 10mins with all the ladies going off last so we managed to watch a bit from the waters edge.. .and that's when the nerves really set in... I really thought Leanne was going to cry and one stage - but a bit of toilet humour soon sorted that out and relaxed her abit!!

Leanne looking nice and calm in that picture - looks like I was needing the loo!!...Oh obvioulsy we're past the panic stage and on to the pre-race madness

OK - getting into my own beat now as we got into the water/ weeds......Finally Leanne lost it too - deciding to do her own still of "YMCA" in the water for a warm up!And then the hooter went!!

Two laps were asked for. Despite the fact us girlies were the last heat there were still PLENTY of weeds near the start zone. The first 50m felt like I was battling some sort of weird swim weighlifting device they were that bad! Finally got through the green arms in one piece and headed into a the waves - it was then I realised why we weren't doing a single lap, the reservoir was big enough to easily do a single lap (with much to spare), but it was that big there was quite a bit of chop on the water... so headed to the first boy and sharpe turn to the left headed back into shettled water. It was at this point (approx 300m in) that I thought ... WHY?.. kinda normal for a triathlon!! ... and then I thought... where are the rest of the people! For some wierd few moments I couldn't even see anyone else - wierd! Still found them all eventually, I must have had one of my mad swimming moments going my own way! LOL! Still found some other female white cappers turned the next boy and headed for the boat - around which was the swim exit. Made it out, around the shoreline and back in again now finding my rhythm. Didn't push the swim and actually quite enjoyed it.

Pretty happy with my time, less then the HIM earlier in the year, mat time 0:37:52 which means I probably cracked the swim nearer 37:30. Which I'm really happy with :o)

Off I legged it towards T1
Nothing much to report here. I had no plans doing it quickly just being steady, after all there was 56miles ahead. Decided to put the windstopper jacket on which I think was a good call. Also popped my Garmin on, although not sure I actually like having a watch on my wrist in races... humm.... it's a good thing but also not so good.

Still: T1 = 00:03:38

Not going to win any awards with that but I really wasn't bothered about my transitions for this race!

And so I headed out onto the bike - thankfully the rain was staying away (well it may have drizzled but compared to what had come down the day before that was acceptable).

The bike course is pretty good. It was a two laper with each lap not being too technical although there were a couple of hairy descents (with nasty side winds on the day... yikes) and three significant climbs (and a couple of cheeky ones) per lap.

I downloaded this from the official photographer which gives a flavour for one of the "ripples"
and this;
As you can see this was also on a main road. Most of the course were on very busy 'A' roads, the majority of drivers were good but there was the odd lunatic trying to end someone's day (or life) early.

I found for the first lap of the bike I was mainly thinking about how much I needed the loo! Everytime I got down on my tri-bars it just made me think of it even more. So spent the second half of the bike eyeing up potential stop off points for lap two! The first half of the lap contains the climbs so it feels like you're going slow or at least behind maybe where you expect to be time ways. Luckily when we recc'd the route the other week we had kind of sussed that out so I didn't feel under any pressure about the slow time after the ripple as I knew it would come back on the back straight of the course! The first lap I was kinda having fun (despite the obvious distraction!) and actually hit the transition turn out for lap 2 in about 1hr 32... much much quicker then I thought I'd be going. Still I felt fine so ploughed off to the second lap.
Got to the ripple for the seconf time only to find me getting held up by cars! They were held up by cyclists at the top and hadn't thought to pull out a bit so you could get past on the inside (despite the obvious fact there was a race going on).... also managed to take a pit stop in a farmers field for a break of nature! It was turning on to the second half of the course that I saw an accident had happened ahead of me. It was a bit of a bad sight - at least one cyclist down. The race marshalls were there and waving us to cross to the other side of the road. I choose not to look (as they were kind of indicating not too) and decided that was the best course of action. Felt a bit bad for not stopping but there wouldn't have been anything I could have done, and there were marshalls there (and a ambulance came past me the other way moments later). Turns out the cyclist (who was competing) got hit by a bus, who evidently didn't realise they had done anything (I assume) and drove off. I can only hope that the cyclist recovers - I know it was bad and I know they went to hospital. I said the roads were busy. This sort of dampened down things really.

Eventually came around to the entrance into Rutland water for the last few hundred metres to T2.... It was at this point I got a bit carried away (I was so excited about having finished the bike) and went for a flying dismount.... Of course this would usually have been fine, but perhaps not after 56miles! LOL... I hardly managed to get my leg over (my bike!) and almost took the marshall out on the dismount line!

Bike: 03:07:57 for the 81.5k... VERY happy with that. Average 26kph/ 16mph (I was thinking 25kph would be good), and that includes the hills and pitstop. Felt good too.

Obviously Dan and some of the other support crew were having a tough time waiting for us;T2
Again no records here, concentrated on getting my feet dry, some brufen gel on the dodgey foot and some vasaline on my toes. Also had a very nice chat to one of the marshalls who was hanging around transition to make sure everyone had their helmets on until they had racked their bikes!

T2 = 00:03:54

I left T2 with the nice marshall saying "just take the first half easy".. yeah like I would be able to do anything else?!?

Oh it started soooo sweetly. First just as I was heading out my great friends Hellen and Ben and their two boys just turned up to give me a big shout of encouragement! That WAS FAB! My split times for the first 3k were all good, I didn't feel like I was pushing it at all but I was going really quite quick (for me! LOL).. covered the first 3k (2 miles) in 17min 15s... and then I don't know what happened really. Maybe I just got a bit scared I was going so well? But I slowed (quickly.. ie the next k was s-l-o-w). The best way to describe the run (other then flat but very blustery) was a slog! I did get something wrong...I thought they had coke on the course! BUT NO! Water or high5.... humpf... so that didn't help my mental attitude either. There were still plenty of people on the course which was good but they all had at least one "band" if not two... yes you got a "band" at the turn around point. Boy that first 5k I was soooooo jealous of those people coming the other way with one or even two bands.. .but still I eventually got mine, which did put a smile on my face - all I needed to do was see if I could bribe someone to give me a second ;o)... no takers so had to slog it out around the course again!

On the way back to start/ finish (second 5+k) I think I was quite dispondant and certainly probably walked on that part more then any other, although my split for that wasn't the slowest! When I hit the turn to head back out again there were lots of people shouting encouragement so that did gee me up a bit. Fought my way through the wind to the turn around "band" place, and surprisingly managed to do my 4th 5k faster then the previous one! Obviously I was at the jubilant stage, knowing I was going to be a finisher!!
I passed Leanne a few times on the run - I'm sure she was looking fresher and fresher everytime I saw her! Certainly she was having a good fun day out on here first HIM distance race!

I was about 500m from home and one small hill to climb.. which I couldn't face... when this lady yelled at me to finish - I looked at her rather forlorn and said I wasn't sure I could muster up the sloop... and you know what.... I did, purely because she yelled at me all the way up it! I owe that lady something (I think! LOL).

Coming around the finishing shoot I saw Hellen at the side with her elder son, Kit up by the rail! I ran past collecting a high five on the way and finished with a big fat juicy grin!

Run Time: 2:15:20... disappointing but acceptable!

On reflection I realised I only took on about 1 litre (which is approx 33fl oz) on the bike - so I'm pretty sure dehydration had an effect on the run. You live and learn!

I finished... I am a Vitruvian:

All in all I enjoyed the race. I was disappointed with the run. The organisation could have been better when it came to facilities and the bike course was a little hairy. Overall I'd probably do the event again though as the people are what make it!

This is Leanne and I with Kit - my number one fan! Proudly wearing our finishers t-shirt!

All that remained was to pack the bikes up and head up... and that's when the heavens really did open. The monsoon-esk rain we had been promised arrived, thankfully for Leanne and I a good hour after we'd finished!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Photo Finish

Copyright of the publishers.... I've sort of .. cough cough.. downloaded...


This is the photo from the finish line...

The little kiddy under my right armpit is my friend Hellen's son Kit, it was so great for Hellen and Ben to brave the weather with the two kids. FAB to have their support there.

Not sure who the smiling lady is in the picture but she also looks kinda happy for me :o)

I can't be believe the photographer did this well capturing me in an airbourne moment (very rare!)

Have also found the picture of Leanne finishing - she looks so fresh!

Race report to come...

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Vitruvian - Result

In brief... well obviously I survived (I am here after all! Phew)

Swim 1.2m = 00:37:52 = HAPPY
T1+Bike+??T2?? 56m = 03:11:36 = HAPPY
Run 13.1m = 02:19:14 = VERY UNHAPPY

Should have nailed the run nearer 2 to 2:10 given how I've been feeling and running... so what went wrong?? Well I started off the run ok, thought I was going pretty easy HR was fine first 3k were paced 5:37, 5:34, 5:54 (incl drink grab) with HR 158 felt like I was taking it pretty comfortably. THEN my splits just for some weird unknown reason started dropping, I felt the same but the times got longer and my HR lower. Aerobically I felt fine, heart and lungs but my legs were toast and didn't want to move back into a gear, any gear!! Not sure if that was psychological or could it be that I ONLY DRANK A LITRE OF FLUID ON THE BIKE... what a TWIT, I think I was dehydrated! Whatever it was it was like my legs were giving the rest of me a big 'V' sign and not wanting to play anymore!!

So having admonished Wes just the other day about how little he was drinking on the bike and boasting that I always drank enough... HUH... well that gets me doesn't it!

I'm now on the sofa with my legs stretched out deciding if I can make it up the stairs or not to bed (I think I will but not so sure how I'm going to get down again in the morning! LOL), drinking tubs of electrolyte (like 16hours too late!)

Overall and despite the run I had a great time, training buddy LEANNE had a FAB first race at this distance.

Full race report to come.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A stead that shines so bright!

I have spent the evening degreasing and re-lubbing.. my bike of course.

For Biancha the bike shall carry me 56 miles, up and over the Rutland ripple (twice) and bring me to T2 in but a few days... so I thought I better make her look the part! Hopefully then she won't throw me off or fail me :o)

Despite doing the sensible thing and using the degreaser spray outside I have to say I still felt quite light headed after - this was excuse enough for me to ditch my taper ride this evening and have some dinner and a chocolate pudding! I know I shouldn't be having chocolate pudding so soon before a race... but it's too late now it's in my belly and very nice too!!!

So rather then train I thought I'd do the next best thing and do some blogging!!.. I know, I'm getting carried away aren't I - after all this is my second blog this month already! Steady on Karen!

Now this final "thing" of my season is coming up I'm inevitably thinking "humm what next"... I know I will stagnate if I don't have a goal, eat more of those chocolate puds and thus ensure my thighs and arse get even bigger!!... So what next....??

Ironman next year?

I'm really not sure about that. And to commit to IM you HAVE to be sure and be sure that those around you are happy with that decision. So - I'm not sure.

Maybe I should look shorter term.

I know - my local town has a half in February - that could be like a good birthday present for my body!! ... So yes maybe that.

... and there will be some mountain bike treks I can do (as long as I don't break my hand again!).. so yes maybe that'll keep me a bit "busy" over the murky winter... maybe I can find some other fun events to do (adventure race that sort of thing)....humm

It's too early really isn't it.

I just don't want to fester!! Maybe I should have a goal - toned legs by Christmas... or something like that ...ROFL!

OK - maybe two posts in three days is leading to hysteria, I'd better go... perhaps get some kit ready for Saturday! :o)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Ooops and Blimey

Some how it's been nearly two weeks since I last blogged (is that an official word)... OOPSss

... My next Tri challenge, the Vitruvian, is THIS Saturday! BLIMEY! Pain awaits!

It's not like I haven't felt like blogging actually these last two weeks but I have so much to say that by the time I come around to it I sort of have too much - and so don't have enough time - and so don't.. do you know what I mean?

To summarise then since Tues 19th.... Got over the throat thing (well mostly anyhow), we then had a bank holiday here in the UK so what to do but take a flight for a flying visit to Atlanta, so left on Friday! Had a cool time over there, hired a bike and Sarah (who now owns her very own Bianchi) and I (who hired a bike) rode on the Silver Comet trail, then on the Sunday I decided (in my wisdom - NOT) that I should do my final long run before The Vit.... Oh yes sensible Karen, so why not do a 1hr 45min run (supposedly with intervals.. ha ha)... in about 80+ degrees, humid and oh yes let's throw in some monsoon like (after Faye) rain mid way to soak you (and where did all the people go and what did that siren mean)... oh heck and why not do it at 1630 Atlanta time which is in fact 2330 for your body clock... HUH.... oh and I nearly forgot that it was slightly hilly (Chastin Park).. In summary.. it was ugly!

Managed to see both Coke World (or is it the World of Coke) and Atlanta Aquarium (which was FAB) prior to leaving on the Monday - my whirlwind visit complete! Managed to get to work Tuesday, to then have a manic work week travelling the length of the UK (ok which in the scheme of things isn't that far), but Brighton, London and Manchester on consecutive days was trying.

Still I survived.

This weekend just gone, well Saturday actually, SUMMER finally arrived ... I kid you not, we have had (it's official) the gloomiest August in recorded history, I don't think I saw the Sun until Saturday - it's been horrid. Anyhow, did a nice OW swim with Leanne and then a bike ride after - only a hilly 2hours which was ideal to begin the taper!

Woke up Sunday to find Autumn had returned, it was misty outside (seriously), we had zero sunshine and to top it all it completely (and I mean monsoon-esk) rained! YUK! Somehow though I managed a 40min run without getting too wet (some would say a miracle BUT, please, I got that wet in Atlanta the week before then I think I deserved it!)....

I think that gets us back up to speed....

Oh of course I did decide to do a sprint tri last Weds evening (750/20/5) and some how, despite the jetlag and deadlegs from the Sunday run, finished a whole 4 SECONDS ahead of my time at the same race a month ago!! WOW!

What else I hear you cry... ok maybe I don't but still....

OK so the race is Saturday... 1.9/82/21.. several hours of hurt, no sorry, enjoyment awaits!

Better look at what training I have actually done in this cycle - other the the week of sore throatiness (another made up word) and the mad work last week post travel I think I've done ok.. here's it in numbers... ready.... gulp....

Oh now I don't know why there's this big gap below, I haven't figured our html "table" code terrible well obviously!!

21 July to 17 Aug

Act TAct KM


18 Aug to 31 Aug

Act TAct KM

So actually that's not too bad - well the first 4 weeks anyhow, in fact more then I was doing prior to my "A" race earlier in the year. What with lurgy and travel I've tapered kinda early (like 2 weeks early, oh well) so that's not great but hopefully enough training to get me around with a smile on my face!