Friday, September 19, 2008

I've just had a nice pint of T.E.A

Let me ensure you understand.....

I know I'm English and believe me I could easily drink a pint of tea..... but in this particular case I'm talking T.E.A


from Hogs Back Brewer no less.... and it was quite good actually.

This is only going to be a short post (I can hear the global sigh of relief..... lol...ok maybe just a few sighs then).

Anyhow, I wanted to share this song with y'all as it was the last to come of the radio in the car as I got back from the hairdressers this evening (yes I'm still in "recovery" mode and hair cuts count). So here's a spot of "NOAH AND THE WHALES" with "FIVE YEARS TIME" - enjoy!

Such a "happy" song for the weekend don't ya think?? Who knows what we will be doing in five years time!

And for the record I did a lovely 8k'er today at lunchtime.... the miracle wasn't the distance but the fact the sun was out. Yes people the sun! JOY!

Oh and I did manage to squeeze out some press/push-ups yesterday evening (albeit with 5mins rest between efforts rather then 90s) so that's week 1 day 2 done!! LOL.... not sure when wk1 D3 is going to happen!

Have "Fun! Fun! Fun!" now this weekend people!


  1. Mmmmmm. Beeer. I want one!!

  2. It's the weekend....celebrate! have been already. Hehehehe

  3. Mmmm. TEA sounds good to me. DH brews so I'll have to put in a request.

  4. TEA! I like that!

  5. Who is Lisa (Java) kidding. She's probably drink one of those and be a silly mess :P ;-) Like I should really talk I'd probably be in the same boat HAHA

  6. Wow, now that brings back memories of learning to drive across the Hogs Back!

  7. What a gorgeous bottle.. you just convinced me to stop at the pub on my way home today!