Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The days are starting dark, the evenings are closing in, and we've not yet reached the Autumn equinox yet, after which I can official be S.A.D can't I??

We have had the dullest year on record (it's official)

The lose of Mojo travelling the world has, it seems, arrived at my door :o(

Or do I just have a bit of the post Vitruvian blues? Probably a combination I reckon.

So I've been thinking of a few "challenges" just to keep me entertained.

NO, and let me make this REALLY clear... IT'S NOT AN IRONMAN!!! HA HA!

I watched with interest during the summer as people got bitten by the bug which is;
Yes that challenge... did anyone actually finish this?

Well I did my test at the weekend - made it to a whooping 7, quite some way short of my military training 2min test record of about 42!! But then I was younger!

Anyhow I did week 1 day 1 on Monday morning then went for a swim. Came out of the swim and thought

"Blimey! I must have worked by arms out quite hard as they are aching. Maybe I've suddenly worked out the catch phase properly"

I have the memory of a goldfish at the moment, so that mornings press-ups had skipped my mind!.... went for a run Monday evening and thought

"wow that's made my arms and strangely my abs ache.. how wierd."....

It was then looking at the programme on my fridge door a bit later that it came to me...
"Oh yes"... "That'll be it! Silly me!"

A night of restlessness ensued on Monday night - every time I moved in my sleep it hurt and I woke up!! LOL! What a whombat! If I'm this sore after DAY 1 not sure I'm actually going to make it to the end of the first week!!! I'm supposed to do week 1 day 2 today and I can tell you this is NOT going to happen this morning, no way, nadda, NO!

Right - shall I swim bike or run today.. or do what I did yesterday - sit in my car travelling for nearly 4 hours... hummm.... only in the local office so I have no excuse for laziness!!


  1. FYI, being aero for 6+ hours must be just like doing push ups, not that I would know ;-)

  2. "wow that's made my arms and strangely my abs ache.. how wierd."

    LOL. I had thoughts like that when I started doing push-ups, forgeting about the push-ups the day before.

    I'm hooked on pushups, but I'm sticking with 2 days 3 sets and not doing the challenge (3 days, 5 sets).

  3. *sigh* I'm still a work in progress with that stupid challenge LOL You are lookin good!

  4. I can' believe I missed the autumn equinox again, and I call myself a gardener.

    I managed 2 days of the press up challenge after spending about 3 hrs cutting out my schedules and sellotaping them in to my diary.

    Maybe I should try again.