Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recovery Week - Summary

Bad planning saw me have a manic start to the week work wise (including a 400mile round trip to Manchester on Tuesday - bleah), that coupled with a manic catch up socialising.... here's the summary of my recovery week;

Red Wine (glasses of): 6
Real Ale (pints of): 3.5
Guinness (pints of): 1
Champagne (pink, flutes of): 4
Chips (aka fries - plate of): 1
Chocolate (bars of): 2
Chocolate (volcanic pudding): 2
Cheese (stinky): small slab (amazingly little for me!)
Ice cream: 3 scoops of home made mango (thanks Nathalie), 1 cornetto

So I think I blew the diet somewhat and have certainly gone over the recommended number of "units" for the week.. Oops... nothing like making up for it is there... needless to say I'm feeling a little jaded ;o) and am probably about a stone heavier!! LOL!

Oh from an exercise summary point of view;
Swim - recovery - 30mins
Bike - recovery spin; 30mins, 15mins, long recover 2hrs (felt dead at the end of that!)
Run - none yet, am supposed to be doing one today (just a gentle 20mins), but frankly my head and tum may not want to play (over indulgence last night)

Got a bit of a better week planned this week - no alcohol for a start!! LOL!

So now the season is nearly over I gotta figure out what next to keep me busy over Autumn and Winter months.


  1. I keep track of a lot of things in my little fitness journal, but never my 'cheat' foods. Ha!

  2. That's the kind of recovery week I want!! But I'll do without the stinky cheese! Thank you very much! LOL...

    I told Dee Dee I can't wait to go back to being a slovenly boozer :-)

  3. YUUUUMMMMMM now that's what I am talking about!! Yeeeeeaaahhh to recovery LOL