Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A stead that shines so bright!

I have spent the evening degreasing and re-lubbing.. my bike of course.

For Biancha the bike shall carry me 56 miles, up and over the Rutland ripple (twice) and bring me to T2 in but a few days... so I thought I better make her look the part! Hopefully then she won't throw me off or fail me :o)

Despite doing the sensible thing and using the degreaser spray outside I have to say I still felt quite light headed after - this was excuse enough for me to ditch my taper ride this evening and have some dinner and a chocolate pudding! I know I shouldn't be having chocolate pudding so soon before a race... but it's too late now it's in my belly and very nice too!!!

So rather then train I thought I'd do the next best thing and do some blogging!!.. I know, I'm getting carried away aren't I - after all this is my second blog this month already! Steady on Karen!

Now this final "thing" of my season is coming up I'm inevitably thinking "humm what next"... I know I will stagnate if I don't have a goal, eat more of those chocolate puds and thus ensure my thighs and arse get even bigger!!... So what next....??

Ironman next year?

I'm really not sure about that. And to commit to IM you HAVE to be sure and be sure that those around you are happy with that decision. So - I'm not sure.

Maybe I should look shorter term.

I know - my local town has a half in February - that could be like a good birthday present for my body!! ... So yes maybe that.

... and there will be some mountain bike treks I can do (as long as I don't break my hand again!).. so yes maybe that'll keep me a bit "busy" over the murky winter... maybe I can find some other fun events to do (adventure race that sort of thing)....humm

It's too early really isn't it.

I just don't want to fester!! Maybe I should have a goal - toned legs by Christmas... or something like that ...ROFL!

OK - maybe two posts in three days is leading to hysteria, I'd better go... perhaps get some kit ready for Saturday! :o)


  1. Fumes from the degreaser - that could explain why I managed to put my chain back on wrong. Maybe I am not incompetent.

    I say go for the Ironman. That is probably going to be my goal for next year.

  2. Oh, I disagree. You NEED pudding before a half iron distance race :-) Have fun!!

  3. I agree with Wes - definitely need pudding before a race! Good luck! : )

  4. Choosing the next challenge is the best bit I reckon. Mtb treks sound quite good fun, especially over winter.

  5. beah- 'a stead'? do you perchance mean a steed? or possibly a steak?

  6. Anonymous10:04 am

    Good luck Tippy, make sure you don't lock yourself in anywhere before the race - your brother will be too far away to rescue you!

    Mum and Dad x

  7. good luck beah head!

  8. oooooh shiny chain. have a good race.

    and planning adventures for next year already? good for you. :)