Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Vitruvian - Result

In brief... well obviously I survived (I am here after all! Phew)

Swim 1.2m = 00:37:52 = HAPPY
T1+Bike+??T2?? 56m = 03:11:36 = HAPPY
Run 13.1m = 02:19:14 = VERY UNHAPPY

Should have nailed the run nearer 2 to 2:10 given how I've been feeling and running... so what went wrong?? Well I started off the run ok, thought I was going pretty easy HR was fine first 3k were paced 5:37, 5:34, 5:54 (incl drink grab) with HR 158 felt like I was taking it pretty comfortably. THEN my splits just for some weird unknown reason started dropping, I felt the same but the times got longer and my HR lower. Aerobically I felt fine, heart and lungs but my legs were toast and didn't want to move back into a gear, any gear!! Not sure if that was psychological or could it be that I ONLY DRANK A LITRE OF FLUID ON THE BIKE... what a TWIT, I think I was dehydrated! Whatever it was it was like my legs were giving the rest of me a big 'V' sign and not wanting to play anymore!!

So having admonished Wes just the other day about how little he was drinking on the bike and boasting that I always drank enough... HUH... well that gets me doesn't it!

I'm now on the sofa with my legs stretched out deciding if I can make it up the stairs or not to bed (I think I will but not so sure how I'm going to get down again in the morning! LOL), drinking tubs of electrolyte (like 16hours too late!)

Overall and despite the run I had a great time, training buddy LEANNE had a FAB first race at this distance.

Full race report to come.


  1. Yea, shame on you for only drinking a liter on the bike. A liter is (how much is a liter?) way too little for a half ironman!!! Grrr!! Buttttttt.... You did mah-velous :-) Rocked it even. So proud of you.

    P.S. I saw some of that yeast crap you eat in the grocery the other day. I thought of you and smiled...