Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What to say.....

There are times when I think about blogging and there's so much to just say!

So many funny things that happen... then I have Soooooo many things that it gets too much to blog and so I don't.

This weekend was no exception, unless you're talking about blogging about tri-training in which case having too much to say would be the exact opposite.

I did no training so that is easy.. oh wait I did go swimming... how could I forget when i went to a public pool (OH MY! Couldn't make it to my club pool - but the local one in Bracknell was surprisingly good, warm and clean!)... still yes I did do that (virtual pat on the pack.. I thank you).... but that was it.

Nothing else

Nothing nadda...


Nul. Nil points! etc

I was going to bike on Saturday morning but it was FOGGY.. (what was that about?)... anyhow not wanting to ruin my life just yet (I don't trust the drivers around here in the little country lanes) I bailed and went for the swim option instead... not quite the same as a 2-3hour ride.

Saturday lunch I had to actually go to work (rude) and head down to the lovely Isle of Wight (not so rude and did make up for it a bit)... {edit: I think I want to go back there again and now have it on my list of a place to bike around}.... it looked nice and it's a smaller island then the one I currently live on!! LOL! So work function ensured Sat night then had to get up early to drive/ferry/drive back home.... was then toast from excess guiness and flaked on the sofa!

So Monday came and I decided to turn over a new leaf...

I've decided over the next few weeks I ought to have a "weekly challenge" to keep me motivated whilst I decide on next season!

Yes Monday's are great for that aren't they (ie starting something new)!! So this week is "do some form of exercise Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs" before I fly out on Friday, then "more on Sat Sun"... I want to break this current habit of doing next to nothing.

Perhaps before setting this challenge I should have looked at my work schedule as I had to get up at 5am for a red-eye flight on Monday!!! Ooops! Still I prep'd well and packed my kit in the boot of my car before adventuring towards Heathrow Terminal 5 (the new one for those not in the know). That was an experience of bright lights which my eyes had hardly woken up to my the time I got there at 6:15!! I blinked blindly as the lights drew me in like heading to a UFO on an old rerun of xFiles.

Having landed at about 7:15pm I did the right thing on the way back and headed up the M4 (rather then another route) which would make me route home passing the gym door - thus have no excuse to not pop in.

My Monday challenge was successful! I tried 10mins of rowing (not done that in a few years) before embarking on a 5min easy, 5 interval (30s:30s), 5 east, 5 interval, 5 easy on the dreadmill then trying for some stability work.. and this is when "revenge of the airline sandwich" nearly became public viewing for other gym goers... eugh!

Not yet done I headed for the pool, almost 9pm and still going (although not strong)... was a bit pooped so decided to have 30mins of play time in the pool, some drills etc... including a go at flip turns... I managed three before the water went up my nose causing that ice-cream like pain! Oh!

Tuesday challenge day has not been so successful as I only managed press-ups this morning. I'm still counting this though (I am being soft on myself I know).

Sorry about the dull blog... you'll have to understand that the highlight of my day has been new guttering being installed!! LOL!

Before I go just want to say a public CONGRATULATIONS to WES who I know most of you know who ACED his HIM race at the weekend...

OH OH and one more thing... anyone out there done New Orleans HIM or Austria HIM as I am actually contemplating these two (I have vowed NEVER to do a HIM again when I don't get silverware.. .it may be a waste of metal for some but I'd prefer that to a crappy t-shirt that shrinks in the wash the first time you wash it any time!)... how I get to New Orleans is a good question but given it's so early in the season I'm contemplating it as I'll have to actually start my training cycle kinda soon!

OH OH OH and one more thing.. I HAVE spyed a very VERY exciting race for November... a "CANICROSS"... a 5k race with a dog! Should be a hoot (or disaster!), have already asked my Dad if the dog is free that day!!

Any suggestions for next week (other then don't blow too much whilst at Vegas!.. yes folks I'm going there on Tuesday to find Elvis for one)!?

OH OH OH OH ... AND ... if you don't read warriorwomen's blog you ought just visit it today and read about the "Brompton World Championships"... I'm sure the dull weather we've had must have had something to do with this crazy idea!


  1. Thanks for that link, very generous.
    What is the searching for Elvis all about?

  2. It's always good to hear from you :-) Even a little post about nothing is good by us :-)

    Funny, I declined to take a medal at my half from this weekend. They just don't mean that much to me. All of my other medals are around here somewhere, but I'm not really sure where they are! LOL...

    The New Orleans HIM is an inaugural race. New Orleans is a lovely place to visit. I highly recommend it.

    Thanks for the shout out!! Make sure you holler at me when you come to visit! Training will be winding down soon!!!!

  3. A weekly challenge. Interesting. I'll be interested to see how that goes for you over time.

    for me, I seem to need some sort of event to train for or I lose focus. maybe a weekly challenge would work for me too

  4. A weekly challenge sounds like a really good way to keep motivated with your training. Nice job!

  5. I like the challenge idea.

  6. A canicross sounds AWESOME!!! Love that!

  7. Ah an x-files reference.. dont know if you actually liked the show. But there is a new show on here in the states called Fringe. If you liked the x-files, you should check this out!