Friday, November 14, 2008

Double Header Thursday

I had to get my car serviced yesterday.... luckily the car is pretty new and this was it's first service so it wasn't too expensive!!

However due to my usual lack of advance planning (like I've got a long drive with work today and horrid horrid 8 hour round trip next week), I decided I needed to get the car serviced, so no I didn't have the luxury of waiting a two weeks and having the garage loan me a car for the day or waiting a week no less and have them drop me and pick me up from work... no I needed the car services like this week.... but no fear having checked the map I figured it was a short journey to bike it in.

After all I can bike in from home and this was way closer.

So close in fact that I decided it was too short to bike and I'd run it! ... Turned out it was only 4k in both directions! Yes a double header Thursday with a run in the morning and a run in the evening - only time I've done two runs in a day before is during the one duathlon I've done!!

So 8am yesterday saw me in my lycra's, gillet and winter top, rucksack (with not much in I hasten to add)! I dropped the car off and set off, map in hand and iPod on :o)

It was actually a GREAT RUN in to work! I got there grabbed my suit from the locker and headed to the gym showers - which were packed! I had about 10mins for quick shower and change as was being picked up to get to a customer meeting.. usually I phaff for England in the showers but I did manage to turn it around pretty quickly and head out the door.

We then roll forward to later in the day. I was back in the office and IT WAS RAINING.... it wasn't supposed to rain... but it was POURING! .. YUK!... Still I got a call from the garage that the car was ready and I planned my escape... alas I couldn't get away before the sun had gone down and so my task was not only putting back on my running gear from the morning (slighlty eugh) but to run through the scarey woods before reaching civilisation .. YIKES! Now I did have a variety of lights flashing on me or my pack and I also had my little JOYSTICK bike light (which is FAB and very bright). But still it was a little "blair witch" running through the woods in the rain... shudder!

Still I made it back to the garage went in - started sweating so much I went back out - waited for the guy with my keys handed over the credit card and set off home (me rather wet and sweaty, car clean, shiney and motoring)

I managed the run back to the garage about 3mins faster then the run to work - I think this was for two reasons (1) I knew where I was going a bit better and (2) I was running scared the first 10mins in the!!

Thank crunchy it's Friday and the weekend tomorrow... WHOOT!


  1. Very good solution to the bike dilemma! : )

  2. There you go! What a clever solution. When I have my car serviced, I usually just walk to work from there. I've never thought about cycling or running, and it's about the same distance.

    I have this odd image of you running to get your car all blair witch like. LOL

  3. Have a great weekend, Karen! Henceforth, we will call this, The Blair Witch Workout :-)

  4. Great job with the running double! I have done that a couple of times when I have had to drop off my car for service. It sure makes the people at the garage look at you funny...that might be the best part.

  5. Hope you had a great weekend.

  6. Yeah I am with Wes.. we need to call this the Blair Witch Trail!