Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Man in the steam room

No this is not the title for something dodgey before you begin to wonder!

Having exhausted myself with not just the 5K time trial but also a body pump class later in the day I thought I'd treat myself with a little trip to my Spa... A little bit of relaxation before going out Saturday night was certainly in order.

And so it came to pass... I have the luxury of choice at my Spa; a fitness pool, two other pools, ladies only steam and sauna rooms, another menthol type steam room, a relaxation room and a hydrotherapy tub (which also has cold plunge pool). With such choice and limited time I had to choose wisely..... so after having read the paper in a lounger by one of the pools I went for the steam room which would clear my nose a bit.

Obviously I have to take my specs off in the steam room so opening the door and heading in blind I wasn't too sure if there was anyone in there. As I sat down and my eyes adjusted to the dim light and steam I soon became aware that there was another body in the room towards the back.
And then it happened......

"The body"... did a SNORT... not the sort of laughter snort, no the sort of snort which is rather unpleasant and nasal and throat clearing in nature.

This came as quite a shock... so much so that for a milisecond I did sit there and think "did that just happen?".... and then it HAPPENED AGAIN.... GROSS!!

As my eyes adjusted further to the darkness, steam and lack of vision I became more aware that this was no greek adonis making this rather unpleasant noise, but "the body" was more like jabba the hut in a steam room and then he snorted again

I had been in there barely minutes and was thinking of leaving already - it was no wonder there was no one else in the room!

And with that he (the body) slid off the ledge stood up and stretched..



But relief ...he was heading for the door.

Evidently the poor chap had a cold which is maybe why he was in there in the first place but I'm not sure there was the need to be so vocal with his bodily functions. I sat there and started to think would I catch his lurgy given surely a steam room must be an excellent place for bugs to live in!??!

And with that thought he returned! He'd only gone out for a cup of water. So he came back in splashed down back on the ledge. I've never heard anyone make so much noise drinking water.

And so it came to pass... I got up and left!

The rest of my visit was much more acceptable, some time in the hydro therapy pool (followed by a dip in cold) and a short spell in the relaxation room. Perfect preparation for meeting up with friends and having a chinese! YUM!


  1. Nothing like being inside a germ factory with a guy with a cold :-)