Thursday, April 01, 2010

March Summary

Well got to dash to work so this will be ubba quick (honest)

So.... March... ahem.... yes well I had great plans but as we know other things can effect great plans.... with the death of my trusty sidekick, Muffin the moo, me having a rubbish foot and a bit of travel at the start of the month led to a fairly rubbish first two weeks of March. Still I bounced back ok, running is now on XT only, swimming has been impacted as I can't push off a wall very well (and it annoys my injury, would you believe), but I have upped the bike significantly. So I'm happy with that.

Here's the stats.... quite a bit of the "other" includes physio time as well as the normal stretching and core work..... curtesy of RunSaturday - here's the totals for March;

  • Run - 11 - 21.1 mi - 3.8 hrs
  • Swim - 6 - 6.5 mi - 4.2 hrs
  • Bike - 17 - 356.5 mi - 24.8 hrs
  • Cross - 13 - 2.7 mi - 5.6 hrs
  • Total - 47 - 386.8 mi - 38.4 hrs
 Running and swimming DOWN, Bikey.... UP UP UP with my biggest Bikey month E-V-E-R!

Right - time for work already... I GOTTA Go

... and please NOTE I resisted the temptation to play an April Fool's day trick on you all :) I'm nice like that!


  1. pfffttt. Push off the wall with one foot... LOL... and thanks for not being a trickster!

  2. I'm sure April is going to be a much better month for you. :-)