Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Mumblings

The good, the bad and the ugly from the weekend.....

Well before I start let me remind you all that it was RECOVERY week last week ‘k?! Now I’ve learnt my lesson that this probably doesn’t mean an excuse to take the foot off the pedal and completely let your hair down. Well I’ve learnt it now after last week... but still....

So starting with Friday... the good....

Got up early for a 1hour spin on my turbo. This is what the program asked for and this is what I did. Well done me! Packed up as after work I was heading north to Leicestershire to see old uni pals Hellen and Ben and their lovely children. Managed to escape work at 5.30pm (miracle), but the traffic was a nightmare so my journey still took the best part of 2.5hours. Fortunately Mum and Dad were being generous to the boys and letting them stay up till I got there... so having arrived I was immediately whisked upstairs for BATH TIME! What fun! I’ve not seen Kit (8) and Felix (4) since Christmas time and all I can say is Felix has certainly discovered his dangly bits between the legs! LOL! If he wasn’t showing them off he was hitting himself (like ouch!).... I did point out he wouldn’t want to do that for too much longer!! Still we had a fun night. Felix went to bed and Kit was allowed to stay up a bit with us whilst we had dinner. It was a lovely evening, finally moving into the Living room for a spot of what Hellen and I do best – Gossip!

The Bad....

Woke up Saturday morning feeling really jaded – could this be a monster hangover?! Not like I had that much to drink but still. Coffee and toasted myself up then we took the boys for a walk around the playground and park before hitting the garden for a spot of action with the toy guns! Does that count as training, thought not. We sat around the garden table to consume a mountain of ham sandwiches then I set on the road for home. Theory being I’d get home for 4pm, head out on my bike for a couple of hours before heading out for pie night with some hockey mates (who were in the national final the next day.. .and WHOOP!). As the journey back progressed I continued to feel really lowsy and by the time I got home all I wanted to do was sleep. Now there is something SERIOUSLY wrong (believe me) when I decline a pie night. But decline it I did, stayed in with the cat and had some food and went to bed early. UG! My 2 hour recovery week Saturday ride binned.

The Ugly.....

Woke up Sunday after a lot of sleep feeling... better?... no... much the same.. WTF!? At this stage I thought it was dragging on a bit for a hangover I can tell you. Plan was for a easy 2 hour ride. I woke quite early (probably from the early night) and got up, despite the headache and quesy feeling I managed to have some breakfast and proceeded to stare at my bike. Still felt like crap so watched TV and continue to stare at my bike.... a call from Tri Buddy Anita who was watching the marathon waiting for inspiration for her 2hour run effort still did not stir me... well it did infact... I went back to bed at 11am (!) and slept til 1pm... this is not like me... got up... felt queasy... and repeat the morning session without the call with Anita! ... Also let the family down by not making it to a big post-golf competition dinner... but turning up looking queasy in my PJ's probably wouldn't have been the done thing.... What I did manage to do though was get myself entered for some longer distance bike rides in the May/ June time frame. Having felt like I was getting Ironman ready last weekend (although appreciating I still have a long way to go), I feel like I could barely do a sprint tri after this weekend!

Still I got into work this morning and found out I’m not the only one with a headache/ sickness lurgy... So the good news in my mind is I’m not fatigued and feeling ill from either overtraining (which would be funny given it was recovery week), from a monster hangover, or a sudden allergy to alcohol... No... Simply I have a BUG!


Summary for last week is really quick

Swim * 1 * 2400m
Bike * 1 * 14.5miles
"Run" * 1 * 30mins XT/ 30min Rowing

Now that's what I call recovery.... cough....


  1. Declining pie night?!? Does.not.compute.

  2. stooopid bug... ruined pie night. UNBELIEVABLE! Hope you feel better