Wednesday, April 07, 2010


.... umm thinking of a change of blog name

... just thinking

... but like I'm 4 years into triathlon (nearly anyway)... so I'm not still starting

... but I am starting to tri ironman distance... so maybe I am starting...

... my replacement name?

Kind obvious isn't it... ok so it may not be if your don't realise I have a pseudo name..


... or should that be "Run! Doris! Run!" or "Run Doris! Run!"... or "Run! Doris run!"...

I'll think on it some more - maybe I'll change my blog after August 15th!


  1. I changed my blog name within a year. It's not difficult to change it. It *is* difficult to come up with a new name.

    Even with iron distance in your really aren't "starting" anymore though. :-)

  2. As long as I can find you, call it whatever makes you happy :-)