Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Today plus one more day to the weekend = YEAH!

This week = Recovery week = DOUBLE YEAH!

Although on the latter I fear I have abused the title somewhat. Monday is supposed to be recovery swim day and I ditched it because I was shattered.... could this be the effects of three weeks hard training or as a result of recovering from my long bike/ cross trainer brick on Sunday with a sandwich, apple, tub of popcorn (cinema) and three cocktails... I'll let you decide ;o)

Tuesday is then either my long swim day or a recovery day (Thursday being whatever I didn't do).... and guess what... I chose recovery!

Wednesday is a double up day; start with an hour in the morning Row-Cross Trainer-Row.... and then the evening Club Swim...... I actually did well yesterday morning and had every intention to go to club swim in the evening..... but then I looked at my watch at 7.28pm whilst at my desk speaking to my boss and realised time had slipped by and I wasn't going to make the 7.30pm meet! DOH! Still... I'm recovering right?! Long swim tonight then!

Now then - I know you'll be itching to know the status of my posterior tibularus problem.... aka the Foot.... so the good news is I'm feeling like running (YEAH).... but it's not quite there yet (BOO)... Physio has BANNED me from trying to run until the end of next week... which is good in a way. I told her if she wanted me to NOT do something she'd better say otherwise I'd do something..... So she was quite direct, having had a quick thought, she said "I'm banning you..." so I'm glad she did that...

So what does this mean to my half ironman in 4 weeks?!.... Well it's not looking like a 1/3 ironman with a swim and a bike and a DNF. It's a long way to go (it's in Barcelona) for that but I'm going with friends who will be racing the whole lot and so should be fun anyhow. Got to remember, for this year... it's all about the IM!.... and don't worry I do have a back up plan if this problem persists!

OK - enough for now. Work is calling me!


  1. Glad to hear that the foot is coming along. If it were me, I'd a put a boot on you!! LOL...

  2. Gotta give the foot time to heal...frustrating as it is.

    Best wishes!