Monday, April 05, 2010

Uh Oh

Uh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

No 1: Wes you were right - what happened to the scaling of those pics?! Like I did that much! Mwah!

No 2: Banned... I've banned chocolate from my diet for April... Now that is a big uh-oh.. but note chocolate drinks or chocolate protein bars (=bleah) do not count

No 3: Between Friday and Sunday I did about 10hours training.... pretty big uh oh but not as big an "UH OH" as getting up for a sprint tri this morning at 0515, leaving without my purse or triathlon id, getting lost, and still being allowed to swim/bike,..... and I knew before I started this would be my first DNF because I'm still not running on T.F. ( aka the foot)

No 4: Recover evening going well... two pints of ale to the good... UH OH!

No 5: Work tomorrow after a long weekend "off".. ha ha ha ... UH OH!!

I thank thee


  1. sounds like an aquabike was perfect for you!

  2. You need to get over here to Arizona sometime. Then we can recover together. Those pints sound really good. :-)