Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Workouts...

I know... three in three I'm getting a bit blogtastically carried away aren't I?

So Wednesday is a double day! Yeah for that (or just ha ha ha!)

I got up, sorted myself out, think I fed the cat (did I, actually maybe I didn't.... surely I did....? He's got fresh biscuits now.... where was I..)... so I left the house pretty early fairly organised so I could leave straight from the gym and head to work. Wednesday mornings at the moment require me, the non-runner that I currently am, to endure some time on the rower (evil on my butt cheeks) and the cross trainer (so I can pretend that I did indeed run!).... So today's receipe for morning interest was 23mins XT, 15mins rower (all my butt can take), 22mins XT so that's a nice round hour of aerobic "stuff" and I managed to be good and follow this with 5-10mins of s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g before heading for a shower, change and work!

Yawn... exactly.... I was tired before the day really got underway...

A day or work ensued... I always get hungry early when I've done a morning workout. Lucky then it was someone's birthday so the customary cakes came out... NICE!... and clearly cake's not cake without COFFEE so I loaded myself up with a proper one from the filter pot.

Left work at 6pm and headed straight for the torture chamber, commonly known as a "sports" massage... like stick a needle in my eye (or rather stick your forearm up my ITB)... I think my pain threshold is increasing what with the physio on the foot and sports massage on the rest of me...

From my hour of torture I headed straight to club swim night... wait do I count sports massage in my totals - by jove I think I do...., in which case maybe today is a triple day??... anyway I'm rambling..... Swim was actually quite fun... and it helps I'm feeling stronger then I have before... I think my winter swimming has seen me in a better place then I'd normally be (just as well as like I'm going to be swimming twice as far, right... LOL!).... anyway, for a change I'm finding I'm the one still able to do the lengths come the end of the session. Today was a good swim night, all felt pretty comfortable... YEAH!... even the 5*100s we did whilst wearing t-shirts (for extra drag!!)... very happy with it, which compared to where I was with my swim last week (=major sulk!) is, well, like a million miles apart!

Rounded the day by popping over to see my folks before they disappeared on ANOTHER holiday ;o) .... not that they could remember me saying I'd pop over (tusk!), but still they stayed up for me and we had a nice natter!

S'all for now... tomorrow is... RECOVERY THURSDAY! YEAH TO THAT!

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  1. Nice triple double or sumfin... Oh, I'm rambling :-) Happy Thursday!