Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

Yawn! Monday already!

Must get more regular on the blogging front.,.... but first all I'm going to say is this


You must have been on a different planet to not know we have a complete air-space shut down since Thursday.... talk about clear blue skies... not a vapour trail in sight.

All I'm really worrying about is will this mean we have a sudden shortage of bananas?!? I guess that depends if they usually come by boat or plane! To be honest though, it kinds of feels mother nature is giving us a little "Woohoaaa there... slow down!" as it just feels that everything is a little more chilled out... or that could just be me!

Anyway - a brief recap of the weekend.

So got up for early bike ride with clubmate on Saturday morning.... got up and felt, for the first time since the asthma incident of last year, strangely asthmatic.... opened the curtains and immediately saw why... dense fog! Talk about strange weather.... freezing fog.... whether this was partly due to the VA too my chest was just nasty.... anyway... I headed out in full WINTER gear (minus the head cap thingy) and met up with Stella (that's her name rather then a cold pint of beer)..... anyhow, lucky she wasn't feeling too tip top either ... so my 3 hours incl middle our of 15min interval, 5 in recovery... changed to 3 hours easy with efforts up hills only. Gradually after about an hour an a half the fog finally lifted and the day morphed into a beautiful spring day, clear blue skies... beautiful... apart from the fact, with the fog lifting and sun coming out it began to heat up... with little ol me in spring jacket, winter thermal, gloves and overboots!.... Lucky I was home by about 1130 so wasn't too hot, just got a few odd looks (by the bold looking shorts and t-shirt clad people!)

The rest of Saturday comprised of meeting up with some clubmates for their post-ride coffee and over to Henley for more coffee and chinwag (oh and some retail therapy) with my mately Leanne!

On to Sunday the program called for 4.5hours steady riding with 30mins cross trainer... I clearly prepared well the night before with a chinese takeaway for dinner.... ek... did however manage to clean down and set up max the carbon stead for serious first ride of the season (the other training rides have been done on Biancha)...... Forgot how "twitchy" the carbon is ... so light it's a dream! So hooved it over to Leanne's pdq, her hubby Dan refused the challenge of coming out with the ladies... who by chance happened to be wearing matching bike gear, on matching bikes.... I think we looked pretty sad! Anyway... it was a glorious day, and leaving at 9 o'clock meant I braved the morning chill and wore bike shorts and a couple of layers only! It was a FABULOUS ride with plenty of other cyclists out in the country lanes..... I'm looking forward to the bluebells coming out in the next week or two followed by the rapeseed fields turning yellow.... truly one of the loveliest times of the year :)

Made it back to my local gym (where i had dumped the car)... quickly put the bike in the boot, got changed and on to the cross trainer...... (still no running for me)...... it took a while (about 15mins) for my legs to stop feeling like lead.... but I got it done! Really pleased with that.

Finished, pooped... and did the decent thing,.... headed into Reading (my local metropolis) met up with another friend (this time Popey the Pop-tart) for a quick B52, cinema (The Writer = v disappointing) and then a thai and a italian martini... YUM! Got to bed, having recovered on no more then a protein shake, sandwich, apple, a box of popcorn, 3 cocktails and 4 slices of toast..... I think I need to work on my recovery!

That's all for now.... have a blogtastic week everyone!


  1. Ah yes, the Ash cloud. Making huge news...

    Great weekend you had! I'm itching to get back on my bike...

  2. My parents are taking a cruise to the U.K. right now, and are supposed to fly back in a few days...hope your skies clear up soon! :)

  3. How lovely that your friend is named after the world's finest beverage :-) Sounds like a wonderful beautiful weekend, much like we had here!! Keep up the great work!!

    p.s. Beware the London Fog! LOL...