Monday, June 21, 2010

Things in Common....

What do the following have in common;

1. A North American Reindeer;

2. A Chain of Coffee Shops in America, which incidentally is the best there is (in America, doesn't beat Nero's) but does beat Starbucks hands down (in my opinion).. .this picture kinda gives it away....;

3. A Band playing at Reading Festival see

4. A small fury black kitten (male I may add)

Yes folks I've named HIM!... Meet "Caribou" the cat or kitten... or Bou for short.... :0)

... and yes, the vet has confirmed by suspicions that she was in fact a HE! Soros the other Katski is not too sure what to think of it all!

In other news it is national bike to work week this week and I made it in alive and on my bike this morning! First time - and further then I thought for 7.6miles :)


  1. You went through all those gyrations to name that cat Boo? :-) He is obviously a haint or spook, or ghost, or whatever!! LOL...

  2. I love HIS name. :-)