Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekly Stats

I get a weekly report from RunSaturday, to be honest I've not really paid it much attention..... However I did look at it yesterday and thought "ah-ha" a convenient way of providing a weekly update to my blog - just call me lazy ;0)

Anyway, shall look at the site a little more see if I can get the countdown and stuff in to.

Not sure I can be arsed to re-input my plan into the tool though....

From below you can see;
(1) I got a couple of runs in (HUGE TICK!)
(2) The swim mileage is - errr... wrong..... my fault as I sync'd my Garmin without changing the mileage on the swim. You get wacky distances when you wear your watch for swimming as it loses satellite reception every time you put your arm in the water.... so I've not suddenly become a really really fast swimmer!!
(3) Bike Mileage was quite UBBER-REFFIC! I did a sportive on Sunday and my longest (distance ever)... I should kinda write a race report about that :)
(4) Take a look at the right hand side, like over 6,000 people tracking their workouts on this site!! Look at those stats!
(5) I like the quote at the bottom!

Last week you did:

Last week you completed:
Run26.3 mi0:59:16
Swim24.3 mi1:16:37
Bike3127.9 mi8:24:45
Cross10.0 mi0:05:01

Total8138.4 mi10:45:40

The Gear you used:

  • Asics - Cumulus 11 - 12.0 mi - 1 hrs 54 min
  • Mizuno - Wave Creation - 4.2 mi - 0 hrs 40 min

You can add or edit your gear on http://www.runsaturday.com/Profile/Gear

Last week's plan was:

  • empty

Next week's plan is:

  • empty

You can add things to your plan on http://www.runsaturday.com/Profile/Plan

According to Arthur Lydiard:

Know your limits and stay within them. Do what you think you can cope with.

Race countdown

  • empty

You can add races on http://www.runsaturday.com/Race/Race

Latest RunSaturday

There are now 6008 superheroes on RunSaturday.

In the last week:
  • Biking: 14746.6 mi
  • Running: 7676.5 mi
  • Cross Training: 1159.6 mi
  • Walking: 363.5 mi
  • Skating: 235.3 mi
  • Swimming: 187.1 mi
  • Watersports: 62.7 mi
  • Wintersports: 7.1 mi
In total:
  • Biking: 1187297 mi
  • Running: 1097378 mi
  • Cross Training: 145870 mi
  • Swimming: 31060 mi
  • Walking: 25371 mi
  • Wintersports: 15571 mi
  • Skating: 14206 mi
  • Watersports: 8453 mi
  • General: 168 mi


  1. put your Garmie in the swim cap. Works like a charm! :-)

  2. I don't like the quote at the bottom. It seems my limits (for injury prevention) require staying on the couch. I prefer coloring outside the lines. LOL.