Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekly Stats

Well last week was always going to be a low volume week given I had my first weekend "off" since I don't know when..... I did do some training of another sort, training by body to cope with champagne and fine wine... but I don't think that will get me to the finish line of Challenge Barceclona!!

Still the HIGHLIGHT of my training week has to be my Saturday run (oh yes well I couldn't really have an entire weekend off, so I gave myself my own little session, not told coach yet!)... Anyway, yes, run on Saturday... mainly off road (YEAH), a lovely sunny morning (YEAH), 58mins (=longest run since injury)=Double YEAH (YEah!)

Rest of the week was pretty steady - and let's not mention the football...

Last week you did:

Last week you completed:
Run211.5 mi1:48:33
Swim32.4 mi1:37:48
Bike118.0 mi1:25:02
Cross30.0 mi1:16:25

Total931.9 mi6:07:50

The Gear you used:

  • Asics - Cumulus 11 - 17.3 mi - 2 hrs 44 min
  • Mizuno - Wave Creation - 10.4 mi - 1 hrs 38 min

According to Alberto Salazar:

The marathon is like a bullfight.

Race countdown

  • 68 days until The Little Woody
  • 104 days until Challenge Barcelona

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In the last week:
  • Biking: 13921.9 mi
  • Running: 6888.6 mi
  • Walking: 885.2 mi
  • Cross Training: 871.8 mi
  • Swimming: 207.4 mi
  • Skating: 165.7 mi
  • Watersports: 41.5 mi
  • Wintersports: 0.0 mi


  1. Hows that training the body to cope with champagne and fine wine? No matter how much I tried, I never seemed to master that one. So I gave it up completely. ;-)

    Triple yeah for your 58 min run!!

  2. Awesome that the running is progressing nicely! I'm weaning my body off of fine wine and caviar :-) and exactly what kind of race is "Little Woody"? Inquiring minds want to know! :-)