Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Several things Tuesday

Tuesday already  - where did Monday go? Yes yes, in to the past...

  • Had a super few training days. Feel a bit beaten up and under the weather, know the symptoms now well enough that I didn't get my hydration right. If I feel like I have a hangover (which I do), have had coffee (which I have and yes perhaps not conducive to recovery) and sweated a bucket load at the weekend (which I did, especially my interval turbo session on Saturday)... then it only means one thing - get plenty of fluids in (with a Nuun or High5 tablet in) and pop a couple of multi vitamin (with iron) tablets in... of course will also probably turn to the pea and mint soup as that also cures all!!
  • Have entered my first race for 2011 (WTF!)..... Yep - already looking forward to returning to my "homeland" (despite being born and bred in Reading England I get a kind of peace in Scotieland...)..... So a.n.y.w.a.y.... have entered Etape Caledonia = YEAH!
  • Am getting some balance back in my life this week - no not from the triathlon perspective, but from the work perspective. I have put an alarm on my phone at 5.30pm everynight in an attempt to leave work before 6 and not nearer 7.30 as has been the regular leave time of late. Yesterday I scored and was home and fed by 7pm!! Meant I could even write up my reports for my coach :)
  • This weekend is the big bikey. Either 100mile TT (I'm entered but the organisers didn't seem so impressed when I said it would take me 5.5+hrs.... frankly I have not been too impressed with my slim exposure to the world of cycling TimeTrials in the UK - thus far it seems to me to be behind the times ... everything is done by snail mail, no online entry ;) ... and actually a little bit stuffy - it's definitely a sport for the boys ... but maybe I'm being harsh after all I've only entered 2 races one of which got cancelled) .. where was I... Oh yeah... more likely to enter a sportive and add on the extra mileage as I think it's 90miles.... the problem with the sportive is it will be mega hilly so not conducive to a "time" but it will have plenty more peeps on it so could be more fun.
Right - off to make me some ginger and lemon tea and mix up a bottle of water+tablet and get arse in gear and go to work!


  1. there you go again with your pea and mint soup. hahahahahahah

    it's sad that you need a timer on your phone to get out of work on time. but it's a clever trick. i might need to do the same to my husband's phone!

  2. first off, coffee fixes EVERYTHING (as long as pea and mint soup is there to back it up). Second, who the hell does a 100 mile TT? Not I! LOL...