Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Longer Post...

Morning campers!

Ok so first things first.....
Yes I got tagged by my VTB Lisa (thanks!)... and now it's time for me to pass on. Now I don't think I read 5 girlie blogs to go tag (or maybe I do, I just don't know). So here's my hall of fame of inspirational Girl bloggers, so consider yourself tagged;
1. Tri Shannon - on her way to IM greatness. GO SHANNON!
2. Holly - done an Ironman 70.3 this year. LiveSTRONG!
3. Jodi - Done her Ironman this year and posted possibly the grossest piccy of toe skin falling off after! Oh and also the funniest post to her Dog, Maddie
4. J~mom running on decaf.... although I see she is now on the caffeine again!
and finally...
5. A virtual tag to DeeDee (Wes's wife). Now she doesn't blog but we all know if Wes hadn't got in there first then she would be an ace blogger. Besides Wes keeps us all in touch with her tri-adventures.

Now if any of you have been tagged with this before I guess it means you are simply super "rockin"!

OK. So I did summarize last week but I didn't go into much detail. Now I won't bore you with it all now as it's a bit late but just take a look at the profile of my Saturday 40k bike ride with Leanne;Now that peak in the middle is not my new GARMIN (did I mention that before!?) making a mistake. No, that is Streatley Hill. Over a 110m climb in 1km. Now we don't have mountains here but that's as near to a steep hill as I can find. All I can say is I DID IT - I CONQUERED THE HILL! First time out, and yes I did nearly barf at the top. I do think I was helped out by a large cup of strong coffee Dan made me before we went out. Given I don't usually have caffeine in anything this was certainly a performance enhancement!! Still Leane and I are planning to visit the hill again this weekend, just for fun! Mantra - what doesn't kill you makes you strong. Humm not sure I'm up for hill reps up it yet!

This week has gone good so far. Had my lovely run in the rain Monday morning. Went out with my New Balance run belt with Epipen and a bottle of water attached (took the water as a result of Lisa's post the day before, not that I really needed it given the rain, but still....) Anyhow, about half way I noticed my right rear cheek was feeling quite a bit wetter then the other side... couldn't comprehend how I could have incontinence and it flowing up one side... then I realised it was my water bottle leaking down (phew!). Note to self: Do up the bottle more firmly next time!

Monday evening I went out for a open water swim again with Leane. Had a good first lap, quite slow but practicing swimming alongside, over, in front etc to get used to having someone around for the race. Then did a lap just swimming off. Managed the second 1k lap in about 23mins. So happy enough with that time.

Tuesday evening a miracle happened.. left work at 1735 - earliest work leaving time since I don't know when. Wanted to go out on the road with Biancha but it was really windy and given it was still the rush hour I felt a bit nervous about venturing out. So I loaded her up onto the turbo and did 40mins on that instead (whilst catching up with an episode of Alias). Was going to make it into a brick but a friend popped by so that was as good as an excuse I needed to not bother ;o)

As for tonight - I SHALL be going to club swim night (and repeat..I shall go etc etc)... didn't make club swim last week, or the week before, or the week before, or the week before - you get my drift?!

All for now. Happy days! :o)


  1. I'll let Dee Dee know :-) I'm still trying to get her to go back to her blog. She keeps asking me to post this and do that, and I'm it your own self! That graph looks ugly. I guess if you scrunch up any altitude graph you can make it look like that ;-) Anywho! Nice job on conquering that hill! Reminds me of my battles with the hills in my neighborhood. I {heart} flat. I just have to drive to find it :-)

  2. Didn't need the water because of the rain. Oh just rub it in, why don't you?!?! LOL.

    It's been so dry here that I think I could light a water bottle with a match and it would burst into flames. LOL

  3. Thanks for the tag!

    That looks like one steep hill! Hope riding down was worth the climbing effort!

  4. Great job with that hill! And almost puking is still NOT puking, so well done.

  5. JulesR6:59 pm

    Was the pause at the highpoint of the profile anything to do with the Four Points at Aldworth pub at the top of Streetly Hill?

  6. Thanks for the tag!!! That was really nice!! Sweet job on the hill!