Monday, July 23, 2007

Water and Electricity

Yeah ok so you don't mix water and electricity but at least I have some, unlike some poor flooded out families.... and did you know if you're flooding you need to isolate (ie turn off) your electricity supply to the house. Kind of obvious when you think of it and now I know as it's been mentioned on the radio quite a bit over the weekend!

Oh and just so you know...the forecast for todays is for....
So on to brighter things - training! Managed a great OW swim yesterday morning, up at 6:30 and off to the lake to witness sunshine! Didn't get dive bombed by any swans or ducks and had a really lovely swim. One lap (~900m) as a warm up, then a steady rhythm for lap 2, which I did in just over 18mins, which I am happy with. Made it then out for a 10k run last night. Decided (wisely) not to go on my usual trails as they're mainly bridal and foot paths and were...err... yes flooded and muddy (which is an understatement). So stayed on roads, mainly little ones so not really any traffic, plenty of hills and lots of debris, but at least my feet stayed dry :o) As I've not done a 10k for about 2mths (OMG that's NOT good given the race is less then 2 weeks away), I decided to do a run/walk type of thing based on HR. Basically 10mins run, then run a bit faster until I hit estimate LT rate, then walk back down to lower base. Then run again, slow->steady->fast till I hit the HR again... and repeat. Kinda like a wierd fartlek. Anyhow - upto 5k I felt great - between 6-7k was a hill so that wasn't so pleasant and then I got bored so ran the last 2k straight out and pleased to say I did the last k in 5:45 which wasn't bad given I had been going nearly an hour by then. Total distance/ time was 10.18k in 1:04. Given that was a run/ walk I'm happy enough with that.

Note I was supposed to get on the bike and try that hill again yesterday but Leanne and I elected not to bother (a) the roads in that area are flooded and (b) the roads everywhere else have lots of gravel/ shingle on and the likelihood is we'd get a few punctures.

Got to get some good training in the next 4 days as Fri-Sun I'm going to EuroDisney. You may say YEAH - but then realise I'm going by coach with about 15members of my family (split 50:50 adults to children). So Yeahish - I'm sure by the time I get back on Sunday I will have had ouddles of fun - will be taking my running gear though as that's all I'm going to be able to do!

No OW tonight, but pool work for drills. May (or may not) bike up there (depends on ferocity of rain), so may go for a run instead. Tomorrow I must get a brick session in - either turbo or road for the bike and then out for 30min run I think. Wednesday I may bike to work (need to check the diary), then club swim. Run on Thursday I think.

Lots to pack in. Race in less then two weeks - will blog my thoughts about that later this week - let's just say I'm not feeling too positive.

Right - best get to work. Oh yeah and Jules ; I knew that anonymous comment was from you. Who else would be bragging about sunshine in Scotland, that's an annual event isn't it?! ;o)

Happy Monday (no 's as that would be an 80s band!)


  1. JulesR11:10 am

    Come on Karen - you can beat Minnie and Snow White in the Euro Dis women's run!

  2. As long as you are sure you can go the distance, I wouldn't worry about the run too much. Important thing is to make sure you still taper properly before the big day! Stay dry! Oh, and it sounds like you are being uber smart with your training too :-)

  3. Great job on the workouts this weekend! Hope today is drier!