Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wimbledon Champion at last!

Well Federer may have made it 5 and Venus 4, but finally us Brits have a Wimbledon champion, so what that it's mixed doubles. All hail Jamie Murray, oh and I guess Jelena Jankovic! HURRAH!

It's been a fantabulous sporting day here - and just to celebrate the sun has shone all weekend (I can't remember when we had two consecutive days of sunshine - probably May!): Tour de France London to Canterbury, Formula 1 and then the Tennis - what an action packed day! And for a sporting nation that's more used to losing then winning I'm proud to say we didn't do too bad. The sensational kiddo Lewis Hamilton came in third in the grand prix to still be leading the Formula 1 leaders board. Some what miraculously we also have a Brit wearing the polka dot, king of the mountains, jersey - not that there any mountains whatsoever between London and Canterbury. Still he's got it and will be wearing at the end of the next stage too apparently (well there's not even a hill in Belgium that counts by the looks of it). Finally to the tennis which I've just watched along with a packed centre court, to see a brit Wimbledon champion.. sigh :o) .... Oh yes and then of course just to put the cherry on the icing there was also Ironman Austria today where Dan, the hero husband of my fellow Tri buddy Leanne, was racing today. Looks like he had a painful run, but he finished in 12hrs 35mins - Well done Dan!!

All smiles.

And I've even finally got off my lardy posterior and had a good weekend of training too - at last back to it. I MUST keep this up.

Saturday (which was sunny!), saw me not only doing a bit of tidying in the home (3 weeks of 12hr working days = ONE BIG MESS) but also get on Biancha for a really nice 1hr30min 37k ride. Went on newish route, half of which I've done plenty of times before and half of which was new. The new bit was really enjoyable. A couple of cheeky little hills to keep me entertained in the glorious countryside. Lovely. The only moment of danger was a car randomly trying to parallel park in a village I went through, in so doing it's nose swung out and the car in front of me had to do some rapid breaking. Momentarily "EK" moment for me but I just kind of managed to get my foot unclipped before I went horizontal! Phew! Had planned a long swim too but time got the better of me. However I figured some swim is better then no swim so did get 30mins and about 1k.

Had a great evening with my Dad Saturday night. Mum ventured up to the One World concert with some friends so Dad and I took advantage and had some father/ daughter bonding over some lovely tapas and Rioja!

Having had such a good day Saturday (both with exercise and food/ wine) somewhat inevitably I've struggled today to get out! ;o) HOWEVER - London is only 4 weeks today!! So after the Men's final I took myself out for a little trot around the block, my short 4.3k route. Fairly easy just to stretch the legs out.

I've really had a rubbish month in June for training (as I've said before). No miles in the legs or arms really to speak of. I know I have a reasonable(ish) excuse for this but I'm so near by A event I really feel like I've suddenly lost my focus. So I've given myself a good talking to, I am going to do it, I am going to finish, I am going to train and enjoy the training over the next 3 weeks. I've already planned my meal when I finish - I lovely bag of fish and chips with an equally lovely pint of beer :o)

Words for July: FOCUS, FEEL IT, ENJOY IT

That's it for now. I'm looking forward to tomorrow already :o)


  1. Hey now! I'm a HUGE EPL fan :-) I know England has a tradition of winning :-) Yes, yes, yes!! Have fun as your A race approaches. You will be grand, for sure!!

  2. Great job with this weekend's training.

    Looks like one heck of a sports day in Britany. How cool must that have been having the Tour in England for two stages? Did you get to see any of it?

  3. "FOCUS, FEEL IT, ENJOY IT." I like that!!

    Let's hold each other accountable to our training for the next month. My sprint in August is actually an important one to me for measuring progress (or lack thereof at the rate I'm going). So the timing is similar to your A race.