Sunday, November 18, 2007


Oh gosh - hope you didn't have to wipe the screen down with that sneeze....

Humm so I haven't trained at all (excluding housework) for 4 days - it's about time this bug bugged out. To be honest I'm feeling quite a bit better, just wish my nose wasn't leaking quite so much. Yes, ok, enough already.

Prep-phase was supposed to start about now - humm - frustrating.... How am I supposed to start when I can't breath?! Still one can't hurry a cold away can one. Sigh.

So, following on from my previous post I thought I'd get on the scales as I've no idea what my current cruising weight is (baring in mind I always put on weight "for winter" - or could it be because I've don't train much in the Autumn...hummmmm) Anyhow, where was I...yes so I jumped on the scales and they came up a whopping 72.3kg!!!!! So I got off and stepped on to see if stepping on them (rather then jumping) made any difference. No. Shocking. What's more my scales also told me my body fat was up at 28.9! Also VERY shocking. Can't blame that on water retention!!!! ;o) This also puts my BMI at 24.3 GOSH!

This all puts me in the "normal" zone so not quite panicking but it's at the high end of normal. There's only one thing for it, actually two things for it;
1. Start to train - that's lucky as it is the right time of year for that: PHEW
2. Ban the three C's: Chocolate, Chips and Cheese. YIKES!

Luckily I've now got an outline plan for next season. I'm going to follow the "27 week plan to a half-ironman" which can be found in "Training plans for Multisport Athletes" by Bernhardt. A great book recommended by Wes.

I've also got a slightly out of sync (ie it's not in Bernhardt's planned schedule) half marathon entered for 2 March 2008. This is a well attended half-mary with something like 15,000 participants. It's going to be pretty special for two reasons (1) it's in my home town and (2) my Dad did the Reading Half when I was a kid (about 12/ 13 I think), so it'll be cool to follow in his shoes as it were. I'll have to flex the programme a bit to get the training in for this but I don't see any real problem.

Right better go and finish that tub of ice-cream that's in the freezer!! ;o)


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Drink lots of fluids to flush that bug out of your system.

  2. We are all packing on a few more pounds for winter. I wouldn't worry about it too much!!

  3. Hope you feeling ok now! yea.. the winter pounds are normal you'll shed it easy when you start the plan.

    That does sound like a special race for you. I am sure you'll have a blast doing it.