Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting Better... YIPPEE

So first off let me point out that I was intending to write this blog after the football (England playing Croatia, need to win or draw to get into Euro 2008).... HOWEVER due to one goalkeeping blunder and one defensive gaff we are already 2-0 down ... so I may as well get on with something more interesting then waste my time watching the game!

Now per my title I can happily confirm I'm getting over the lurgy, just left now with a bit of a runny nose but I'm feeling heaps better. Hurrah for that! Tried to get back into training on Monday by going to the gym for a weights session - figured this would be ok as wouldn't strain my heart/lungs!! Had an ok work out which I ended by going into the steam room! I figured that if that didn't help loosen the sinus' nothing would!! Despite the fact I felt pretty dead all day at work as the evening came on I felt the first stir of my beans... energy beans that is... so felt like I was kicking the bug! Hurrah!

Worked from home Tuesday largely due to the fact everyone (and it does really seem like everyone) is going down with a variety of upset stomachs which I certainly didn't want to get! Despite the wfh I did end up helping out with some presso work and thus working late. This followed by an hour catch up on the phone with a friend lead to a day of inactivity (apart from the obligatory nose blowing of course).

I'm happy to report that today though I've made some semblance of effort and achieved two very exciting things;
1. I rode Rocky into work and back. The way home was in the dark - very spooky in places - although I was certainly highly visible! So that was great to be able to do that and believe me has helped clear the nose some more (I'm glad no one was behind me this morning is all I'm saying)

2. I booked my holiday up in Club La Santa! YEAAAAHHH! I'm going back to Lanzarote for a sprint/ olympic distance tri camp at the beginning of Feb. It'll be great to get some sunshine in the middle of winter and it'll also be great having the focus of a camp. I know I'm doing HIM next season but the schedule looks fine (despite the course title). So that really is something to look forward to and ensure I train for!!! What's more I'm going to catch up with one of the fellow Tri buddies I met last year on the course - in fact we're sharing accommodation (his missus has approved I hasten to add!)

Incidentally it's half-time and we're still 2 nil down and what's more Russia are currently winning against Andorra and so we will not be going to Euro'08. Humm. Oh dear now they're replaying all the bad bits (of which there are plenty) and all the pundits are giving it some... agh!

Going back to my training in general. I was intending (having saintly ridden to/ from work) to also get a swim in tonight. However after I got home I had the strangest cramps in my toes/ feet and legs.... very strange. So I decided that perhaps that wouldn't be sensible and settled to watch the footy instead.... Evidently I should have gone swimming ;o)

Plans for tomorrow are still fluid. I'll try and get something in before and after work with nothing on the agenda for Friday as I'm working up in London which is always a long day (and I'm going out in the evening in town too!)

Am really looking forward to the weekend too with a bit of socialising (always good!), planning on joining the Tri club ride Saturday morning (whatever the weather!) and also doing a X-country run (ok so it's a race but who said I'll be racing) on Sunday. Now that will be a challenge!!!

Ok so the second half as started so I may as well try and watch it.... going back to a 4-4-2 (as opposed to the 3-1-3-3 of the first half!)

For all those bloggers in the US Happy Holiday season (I AM SO JEALOUS!)

21:13 FOOTY update: WE HAVE A PENALTY ... but Lampard is taking it..... hold your breath...
** SCORED!!! ** now 2-1 and there's HOPE

21:22 HYSTERIA...... We've just scored!.... and we're back in Euro'08

21:35 HOLD YOUR HORSES... they've scored and we're out (again)... I think I'm going to get myself a beer....

21:52 We lost. We're out :o( I think I'm going to bed!


  1. Oh no, sorry for the team loss. That stinks!

  2. Thanks for your nice comment today... and sorry your team lost.

    Happy Thanksgiving even though you're not in the US.

  3. Wow! What a roller coaster ride that was... Can't believe England is out. That's a real bummer! Glad you are feeling better, and a tri camp in Lanzarote sounds splendid!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. Bummer on the team loss!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING (even though you aren't in the US)

  5. I was following that game online too! Thats what I miss the most about being in the US - cricket and football!

    Glad you're feeling better. That camp sounds super.

    Enjoy your weekend!