Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Being sensible... SIGH!


or should that be HUMBUG?

Today should have been DAY 2 of the schedule (day 1 was yesterday but it was a rest day!)... not much, just a 15mins jog and a little swim.


I'm going down with a cold.

I can't believe it.

I'm only just getting over this virus nasty from Christmas and the New Year and I'm feeling headachey, nettle throaty and chesty coughy today.

NOW... Now, normally this would not stop me from an itsy bitsy run and and itsy bitsy swim.
BUT.... but what happened before Christmas has freaked me out a bit
AND... and I've promised my Mum and Dad that I'd be "sensible"
ALSO... I'm travelling 200+miles each day for the next three days
OH AND... did I mention it's a constant -3 to -7 at the moment. COLD or what.

Obviously the "AND" consideration is most in the forefront of my mind. I don't (ok daren't) break a promise to the parental ship (particularly now they are remarried it's not like I can get away with a little white lie to one and honesty to the other... not that I'd normally do that.. no.. never.. not me gov... I'm innocent....hummm)

So I'm going to dose up with echinacea, vitamin C, paracetomal and an early night and see if I can beat this thing before it takes hold. More rest now in order to make sure I'm 100% before starting will benefit me in the longer run I know (having done too much too soon before)... still... frustrating.... I know you can feel my pain... anyone got any spare endorphins for me before I hit the chocolate....

...chocolate... what am I saying that's on this weeks resolution NOT to eat isn't it... CRAP!



On the weekly resolution front it's day 2 (already) and so far so good... phew.. although my 5-a-day (fruit and veg, ok nothing else.. really.. you people).... is actually more difficult to do then imagined.

On another note... and it's not like me to vent about work on this blog... but I need too right now... it's been nearly two months since our company made it's restructuring annoucment... which was met with the usual "slashing headcount" headlines ... well apparently we're losing up to 15% worldwide.... and yet we still haven't heard anything about what this means. OK at the time they gave airtime to a new "structure" but nothing since. Nothing's happened. Not a blinkin thing. No communications other then the statutory management cry of "we'll let you know as soon as we have news", whilst we all know external consultants are in and "reviewing" the company structure with the board... Well I'm bored of this malais. We all have this waiting over us like the guillotine about to fall (but will it fall on my head... who knows)... yet we are being told to "stay focused"... "stay motivated"... yeah right.... but let us look on the bright side... at least I do have a job right now... small mercies indeed.

Thanks - I feel a little better now I've got that off my chest.

It's this lack of training... I'm telling you ... it's getting to me...

Cheese anyone?

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  1. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Of course you can't break a promise, especially as I read your blog! Take care lots of love musie xx