Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hangover Sunday

Oh dear!... So much for "not drinking in January" ... Humm.. still I had a good excuse...

It's my brilliant Dad's birthday today so the family went out for a meal last night at a local Tappas bar.... Let's just say we drunk a little too much and I carried on the family tradition of spilling a glass of wine on the tablecloth (this is usually my Dad's party trick!).

Delicate heads awaited us today - I blame the brandy ;o)

Still it was a grand night of celebration and it's not often that we get together on a Saturday night!

On the training front, well yes today has been a bit of a write-off although I did put myself on the turbo this evening for a 30mins spin.. and thus ending a FULL week of training {fanfare}...and to really get me smiling I even managed a 6.5mile run yesterday (very gingerly at an average pace of about 10:30mph, with my HR strictly in the easy zone). SO I'M VERY HAPPY that I managed the distance and now think I can build with confidence. I'm still not doing anything remotely anaerobic will wait the blood results before I do that.

STILL - Endorphins are back and I feel good :o)... ok apart from the headache... mwaaahhhh!

14 Weeks till London - I'd better get the count down clock on the side bar at some point.

On another note - in an attempt to keep me on track from a health/ weight point of view I'm tracking what I'm eating in some diet software thing (I do not believe in the word "dieting" btw... I just believe in eating healthily and exercising). I've read in some books that a good balance between carb/ protein/ fat is 40:30:30.... having tracked my food intake for a week I'm more like 50-55, 20-25, 20-25, with a bit of booze ontop.

So here's the question.. if 40:30:30 is the way how on earth does one get enough protein in? I've struggled even on days where I thought I'd done ok! Still it's only like a week that I've even been thinking about it..... Some more thought perhaps!

OK - that's all folks, work awaits tomorrow (bleah!) and I need to rest my poor head ;o)



  1. oopsie on the headache this morning. darn brandy!

    I've had to conciously add in more protein, because I wasn't getting enough either. I do things like add humus on a turkey sandwhich - adds flavor and humus is high protein. Started drinking a small glass of milk every day (I like it strawberry flavored, so there's more carbs sneaking in the way of strawberry syrup, but still better than not). Took peanut butter to work and put it on crackers for a snack. started eating cottage cheese with fruit at home with lunch. It takes work, but you can sneak more protein in if you plan it out.

  2. Well, at least you had a good reason for the hangover. I hope your dad had a great birthday.

    I also hope you feel better on Monday.

  3. Having lost about 35 lbs on the Zone Diet I'm quite familiar with the 40:30:30 breakdown.

    I'd say you need more fat in your diet. It shuts off the hunger and then you should be able to stay away from the carb cravings. I know it's weird but you might give it a try. Seems like I got most of my fat from peanuts. Portion control was the other battle to overcome.

    I may be accused of attempted murder but booze and caffeine should also be pulled from your diet. The booze because of the empty calories, and the caffeine because once clear of your system your metabolism is much more balanced.

    I know, now you hate me.