Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hunting for Espresso Cups

Today was the day that not only I woke up early but I had an unnatural urge to go to the local shopping town of Reading, yes on a Saturday and yes in the middle of the post-Christmas sales... GASP!

For what reason??!!

Well I just wanted to get some nice dinkly espresso mugs to go with my little coffee machine :o)

So off I headed for shop opening time (there is a limit to what I'll go to - and being in town after 11am when the hoards will be there is not one of them)... let me just say at this point my car registered it -5 degrees C!.... Hummm... So I was parked up by 0915 and commenced my mission. I thought I'd try John Lewis (after all I had vouchers so any purchases would be free right?!) ... humm but first I thought I'd reccie what House of Fraser had to offer... yes some crockery in the sales, none of which were espresso cups, and in fact no suitable espresso cups in sight. No probs, I had the vouchers and John Lewis would surely have something. Free foder and all that.

Having survived the freezing road crossing going from the shopping centre (mall) to John Lewis I headed to the basement, strangely excited at the prospect of spending voucher money. And so I hunted. Through the sale items. Through the non sale items. Yes there we espresson cups BUT they were all fine china... ME AND FINE CHINA... I don't think so.

So voucher free or not I did not purchase.. HUMPF.

Not to be outdone, I headed back to the Oracle Shopping Centre to Debenhams, surely they'd have some coffee cups....



I had no reason to stay beyond my 10am watershed and so headed back to the carpark.... and saw my fav coffee shop (in the UK), Caffe Nero's... this for those Atlantans out there is I guess most similar to Petite Carabou.... great atmosphere with excellent strong coffee.... so I popped in there for a decaf (go figure) skimmed (aka non-fat) latte with a couple of biscotti and a quick read of the paper.

I looked at the cups in there... I liked them...

I sighed...

Then it hit me.... I wonder if they're sell me one, two... or more... OH OH OH! I took a little sneaky look around and couldn't see anything to purchase (unlike the old starbucks stuff)... humm do I (a) ask the barister if he'll flog me a cup (or three), or (b) just get my phone out and google to see if they have a website.

I did (b).. and they do.... so I got back home (via the craft shop which is another story entirely) and ordered some cups on line!... AND THE CROWD WENT WILD (ok so the crowd was only Muffin and I think he went wild as he sniffed one of his cat-nip toys)!!


On another note I was thinking about a ride today but as I said it was minus 5 first thing and still zero when I got back... so was I going out.... not on your nellie.... so I kept the bike on the turbo and did another 30mins, again 10mins warm-up, some single-leg drills then a warm down. Haven't pushed it and haven't keeled over either. Well done me!


  1. Yay! Glad you finally had coffee cup success, even if you do have to wait for them to ship to you. At least you found what you wanted.

    Oddly, I went through something similar last year at this time. Wonder why that is?

  2. Good coffee cups are a life necessity! Good for you for persevering!!

  3. Strange to find this post on my google search as I've spent the day doing exactly the same thing! No department stores seem to sell them, except for silly bone china ones you'd use if the Queen came for coffee.

    Nice to see you got Caffe Nero ones, I'm really after something colourful so they just won't do! Grrrh.

  4. Sarah3:45 pm

    That is very funny! Thank you for baby sitting my coffee machine ;-) oh oh possession is 90% of the law :-) Miss you x