Sunday, January 04, 2009


Happy Sunday.

I achieved something today.

Something quite amazing.......

Yes people.... I, ME, DID IT...

I ROCKED GUITAR HERO III, Legends of Rock.....

I have beaten the "Easy" level without getting any RSI of either hands or fingers.

Winner!... Now I need to start all over again on the next level, which means using four fingers, enter the light of blue... Oh my .. this may prove some challenge!

What else....

Well I managed to face my fear head on and go back to the gym for a treadmill session. The place of nastiness a couple of weeks ago. I had planned on going outside for a run, but everything was white (not of the snow kind but frost) and yes it was minus 3 (all day it turned out), so I decided running in the cold air probably would not be such a sensible thing given all that has happened.

So I did it. I faced my fear and headed to the gym instead.

Warmed up with a 4k trundle on the bike (I hate those machines, my turbo or a spin bike is more enjoyable), then hit the dreadmill. Obviously my objective was not to push it, whatsoever... but gradually build from a very slow run increasing the pace by 0.5kph every two mins until I got to my half marathon pace, hold that for 3 mins and then come back down again. My HR peaked just over my zone 1 and zipped back down again as I slowed it. Phewy. A paltuary 2miles but some miles is better then no miles - I'm just glad to be feeling no ill affects... I have been quite a bit worried about what happened but now beginning to feel more confident, whilst obviously respecting my need to measure my effort currently and not rush into either long or intense sessions just yet.

I'm now certain that I'm not going to do my local half in 4 weeks time, which is a real shame as was looking to doing one on my doorstep. So I need to put together a training plan of sorts for Reading Half and also start looking towards Austria 70.3 which will be an exciting experience I'm sure!

Back to work tomorrow. I've not made any New Years resolutions as yet.... maybe I will and maybe I won't. But I am going to try and have a "weekly resolution" of sorts, maybe call it a weekly challenge (or challenges).

So this week I shall;
1. Eat my 5 portions of fruit and veg a day (this is harder then it would seem it appears)
2. Eat my main meal before 8pm at night
3. NOT eat any chocolate (although my other vices of cheese and chips are ok)
4. Shall not have any alcohol (having just taken delivery of another 12 bottles of wine I'm awash with the stuff - but it's ok it should keep me going for another couple of years I reckon!)

Tomorrow I'm going to say I'm "back in training", even if I only do 3 hours in total next week I'm going to follow a programme - which by the way starts with a ""rest day tomorrow, LOL!

Here's to the New Year (again)!


  1. I'm LOVING the weekly resolutions. I seriously think I need to implement this into my life LOL. It's long enough so it's challenging but short enough so I'm not like "OMFG I can't believe I have to do this for X amount of time" And who knows maybe I could turn something good into a habit.

  2. Hahah! now THAT's quite an accomplishment. Soon you'll be able to take on the likes of my teenage son in guitar hero. :-)

  3. JulesR9:48 pm

    Welcome back Roomie - last one to book cleans all the bikes!

  4. Yes, Guitar Hero! A worthy new skill to master :-)