Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekly Recap

Just a quickie.

Thanks for the raising money suggestions last time - I've done the "JustGiving" thing before and will do so again... that plus some sell off of my breadmaker and some other things and let's see where that gets me.

I'm a bit pooped to be honest - possibly ramped my training a bit too soon as I'm a bit zonked but I'm happy. Today I managed a really nice gentle 8 miler, just about the right distance with a run down and up the Thames near Kingston. A friend of mine is running in the Paris marathon and although a bit slower then me actually it worked out really well, keeping the pace down made the distance ok I think.

It's weird at the moment I'm feeling a little stressed which makes my breathing a bit tight.. ....the stress is pretty much all coming from my working environment I'm pretty sure (strange but true)... but the funny thing is when I'm exercising the breathing tension (as that's what it is if you see what I mean) goes away! How funny! I'm in one of those moods where I wish we could wind the clock forward a few months (not that I would actually like to do that as life is too much fun!), anyhow yes just whiz it forward so we'd know where we're at...... but we are where we are, redundacy still looming with no end in sight. Currently I do have a job and thankful for that... I won't go on.. I hate talking about work trivia in my blog as really the whole worry thing is a waste of energy in a way...I'm rambling aren't I!?!

The week ahead is a recovery week (oh thank you thank you thank you)..... So I'm looking forward to that - may try and get my swimming time up from 30-35mins to nearer 45 and back off the run/ bike a little. Talking of swim.... I thought my eyes deceived me last night, but no... I did ONE (just the one mind) 100m split in 1min 45... TA DA! This news will surely make Jules very jealous so unless he reads this I've no intention of telling him until I fly past him in the 50m pool in Lanzarote next month (cue evil laughter mwah-ha ha ha haaaa!)

Right the light has faded and I'm blogging in the dark so better get off my arse and put the light on... or maybe not and just sit back on the sofa and have that snooze... hummmm


  1. I have a lot of work stress too and also find that exercise is a great outlet to reduce it. So train on! And be happy!

  2. JulesR12:43 am

    1 min 45 secs for 100m - right! **goes off to queue for pool opening time**

  3. Always listen to your body and error on the side of recovery. I hope you have more energy soon.

    BTW, I never have asked you who your favorate soccer team is.