Friday, March 20, 2009

New stuff

First off, before I begin. Thanks for your comments from my last post. If you missed it then please look as I'm still listening to every bit of marathon advice I can get!

Now then. So I've been working at home today and I know that I can negatively correlate working at home and working out - perversely when I work at home I get no training done. There is something wrong with that picture people. It's like I feel guilty about not working when I'm "working at home", despite the fact that I'll be on line from the moment I get up.

Karen - you need to work on this attitude you know!

Anyhow - I have however made some good use of my time at my laptop this evening for lots of other "training" - cough - related "stuff". Like shopping on wiggle for instance. I have a nice shopping basket ready to be purchased I can tell you.

The other things I'm looking at are two rather cool websites. First then there's "RunSaturday"

This is really quite a good site for analysis of your training, can load from a variety of gadgets I believe and has a nice community to it. There's also some virtual challenges you can take part in. So all in all not bad. Also comes with a plugin to sporttracks (for those sporttracks fans out there) which works very easily and very well - so upload is not a problem (you can even do a month at a time if you like).

So I quite like "RunSaturday", particularly as it has a giant sun flower on the top of the banner page!

OK - there's more.

I was reading Chrissie Wellington's blog earlier (I hope this doesn't make me a stalker... gasp!) - and she's supporting this new social network "GoTRIbal"

This looks like it's well on the way to being an excellent resource for Tribees. At first it appears to be a women supporting women thing but actually they welcome all peeps to it, just as you'd expect from a social network. And honestly my first impressions are good. There's items you can add to your home page and "local" TRIbal groups within the network. And besides - if Chrissie thinks it's a good thing then it's gotta be right ;o)

Tomorrow I'm attempting my l-o-n-g-e-s-t run ever! A friend has kindly offered to be my water pit stop at about the 18k mark. I've plotted a route which will take me on road, path and fields (assuming my map is up to date), I won't be in any hurry and the objective will be to enjoy the scenery and not stress if I walk a bit. The weather looks great for tomorrow so the plan is to get up early for breakie, give that a couple of hours to get down then off out to pound the streets for 3 hours or so. YIKES!

On a final note.TODAY IS THE SPRING EQUINOX! ... and the crowd went wild! No longer will I be s.a.d... no I'll just have too little sleep from being awoken by the birds singing and the squirrals chattering ;o) ... I am, just in case you hadn't realised.... full of the joys of spring (that's what a weeks worth of cold mornings but blue sky days does for us Brits!!LOL)

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