Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Err November

Well November was pretty much a complete write (or wrong) off.... Had a cold - that was fine but lost a couple of training days... got better... then got another cold/ lurgy/ virus/ thing which just wiped me out.... so the monthly stats are easy and short....

Run: Total 27.3km in 2hrs 54min (about half of October)
Bike: Total 134.3km in 5hrs 25mins (down from Oct - but this was only due to 2 long rides and no commuting)
Swim: Total 0.9km in 20mins (err... yes about the same)
Other Stuff (Yoga, stretching, core etc) 1hrs 37mins (at this rate I will be weak)

I think I had something like 16days just ill with the strength of a weak kitten.....

...Didn't do any of my planned events... understandably ... all in all a rubbish month to quickly forget!

My aim for December is just to get some consistency and routine back in my life!! All my work travelling is already done for the month and (fingers crossed) no sign of any cold on the horizon.

I wonder what the stats will be like for December... and will I do another 10 blogs and so surpass my 2010 blogging year?!? 

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