Sunday, January 05, 2014

A quickie before bedtime

A quick blog that is.... It is Janathon afterall...

Got up saw a spectacular sun rise on the way to the pool.. did my longest swim in nearly 2years clocking a non amazing 1500m in total (a mix of distances, drills etc)

Came home and made myself a breakfast smoothies with the standard yogurt, milk, banana and oats and added peas (as we had some left over from pie night)... Whilst this is certainly an unusual way of getting a portion of veg in the diet I didn't find it too offensive and found it provided suitable energy for my long run....

Having digested my pea smoothie I ventured out, in a rain free period, for my long(ish) run. Main objective to take it easy with a low HR and cadence around 85. Managed to miss most of the flooded areas and did 12.5k in 1hr 20...  Smacked the last k at just over 5min k pace... Which shows how slow I was running the rest of it... But did have a lovely time ans smiled and said hi to everyone I saw on the way!

Janathon Day 5 done :)

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