Monday, January 06, 2014

Do Yoga With Me?

Monday is more of a rest and recovery day with some yoga first thing and optional evening dip in the local swimming pool....

Now I've said before and I'll say again - if you want to do a little yoga session at home then you could do no better then going to take a look at "Do Yoga With Me" really well led on line classes which you have no excuse not to do as they are free (assuming you bear no additional costs getting on line in the first place!)... When I travel and have little opportunity for anything else I will often go to the website and do a 30min - 60min class. My preferred trainer is Melissa McLeod, very good pace, narrative and excellent for someone less yogi like me. If you want something hard core then I'd suggest one of Fiji McAlpine's sessions - I've barely lasted the distance with those!

Anyway back to today  - the outline plan was to Yoga on awakening and then see how I felt about a little technique based swim this evening.... however those plans were left a little in tatters this morning when for some reason I didn't wake up at the usual early time... although to be honest I know the reason - it was because I had a fidgety night!! Anyway... having got 16min into my Yoga I was shouted up to to come and help with a mouse rescue! Yes this wet weather is giving our youngest cat much mousing opportunity and he came in with another live one which required capture and replacement to the forest. This of course put the household back so Yoga session was swiftly replace with getting ready for work session and leaving before the traffic got too insane!

At some point this morning my upper back then decided it had had enough and got all knotted up.... so I decided rather then go and swim, possible with one arm or no breathing, that I'd come home get the dinner on (Cauliflower cheese) and do the yoga session again! This time I got all the way through and even managed to sneak in my Level 1 #FitTeam14 squats and lunges after to boot.

#Janathon Day 6 = DONE (30mins + 16mins of Yoga and 30 squats and lunges (10,8,6,4,2)

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