Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Emergency Janathon bedtime post

Woke up
Thought about doing a turbo session.... And actually did! 30mins TrainerRoad.com "Steele" basically warm up and 3 times 3 min intervals with 3 min recovery...

Remembered I had a meeting first thing at work so promptly abandoned the bike and turbo set up in the living room and went to work...


Got home seeing my abandoned trainer and knowing I still had 30mins left of the programme I had been watching got back on the bike (having changed out of work gear) for another 30min "Steele" .... Thought about a quick run off the bike (as it wasn't raining) but decided I didn't want to peak too soon and use up all my energy so settled for a shower instead.

Have eaten and now it's time for bed... Just getting today's Janathon in J.I.T ... Well in time for today although strictly speaking I do have until tomorrow to post. ... Still another day done... BOoM!

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  1. Good job. As for me, I woke up and hit snooze. Big mistake... Hahahahah