Saturday, January 04, 2014

Rain = Turbo!

Well it's been lashing it down since before Christmas I'm sure... ok so at least for days... the ground and roads are soaked and the puddles are becoming little lakes... so it came as no surprise to see all the club rides cancelled this morning. To be honest I was already thinking on the way home from work last night that riding today would not be a good idea - even if we had no more rain there is so much debris in the roads.... so when I woke up at about 6:30 and heard rain well I made my decision and went back to sleep.... then when I got up later I saw all the cancellation emails... No matter I got myself a new turbo from decathlon a month or so ago....

So after MUCH procrastination (some would call that phaffing) I sorted both a suitable trainer road session and some TV on catch up from the iPlayer (BBC). ..... 2 hours worth of it... the session itself was an endurance session, so nothing near anaerobic.... just 2 hours of peddaling.... I must wriggle around a lot when I'm riding out doors because I sure was getting uncomfortable in the saddle by the end of it!

Not satisfied entirely with this 2 hour mammoth session I had had a little word with myself and said if it wasn't raining when I finished then I'd go for a run around the block straight after (KEEN I know, I can't even remember the last time I did a brick session).... so anyway.. given it has been raining for days this wasn't a likely outcome - so I thought.... alas ...I finished my turbo session, looked out.... squinted hard... and despite the gloom it wasn't actually raining... so I put on a jacket and my trainers and headed out.... approximately 90 seconds later it started raining... how typical! Still I covered a little 1.2km run in about 6mins.

Janathon Day 4 done...
Turbo Bike - 2hrs
Run - 6mins

Whilst on the trainer road site earlier I saw a link to "Tour of Sufferlandia" which you can consider as 9 days of bike focus training.... or 9 days of suffering on the bike... anyway.. despite the running I will be doing as part of Winter Miles and Jantastic I may put myself through that too... although that could be one sign up too many!!

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  1. I'm really interested by these turbo trainers I've seen popping up on blogs, can you change the resistance? Otherwise it seems you'd just be free wheeling?