Sunday, January 19, 2014

TWTW - not so good

Gahh... having got nicely into my good habits last week I slipped stumbled and fell my way through the last week... Having finished year end at work we've gone straight into the sales planning cycle at a ferocious pace and, well something was going to give a little!!

I managed some yoga Monday, and some core and stretching Tuesday and then only a 2k run on Wednesday but a run is a run.. as I tweeted about these I was still in the Janathon competition... until Thursday came and went with no time for anything, that night we even had dinner in bed (the better half also had a ridiculously busy week, with the addition of 1:45-2hrs each way commute.... I know not how I would have managed that on top)... so Thursday I pretty much got up, went to work, came home, ate and tried to sleep!

Whilst a bit disappointed to ruin my streak actually I'm old and wise enough to understand we need to prioritise sometimes and anyway, I was due a recovery week!!!

Nice little graphic from run keeper above - this week is the last column so really I've done an ok 3 week build cycle and 1 week recovery, although given I've not swam or cycled this week perhaps have "recovered" more then necessary... ha ha

Did finally manage to get out for a run today - lovely day... finally woke up during it, was liking it but then I twanged my right calf, just a little so decided to cut the run short.... So basically of all my January challenges I didn't achieve either Janathon (exercise and blog/ tweet every day), Jantastic (3 runs), or WinterMilesChallenge (run 10miles)...

Still a new week starts tomorrow eh!

On another front - given my work really was quite intense this week I employed a tool called "Focus Booster" on my laptop... The thinking behind this kind of thing is you work better when you need to concentrate hard if you do it in shorter bursts... simply more sustainable... so I had the app set for 45min bursts with 5mins "recovery"... in the recovery period sometimes I went and made a drink (or to the bathroom), had a chat with a colleague or just hoovered up some email... I found working like this on Friday was much more beneficial then my work experience on Wednesday which frazzled me.... there are times in any job where you just feel like an extension of your computer (excel in particular)... and this last week was definitely one of them. Certainly with the aid of focus booster I found the experience less brain draining then before.

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  1. Ooops! Still this is why I don't enter January challenges. I'm holding out for Lent ...