Sunday, January 12, 2014


The Weekend That Was

Have to say I like being part of Janathon, as it's getting me back into the exercise habit.... Which feels great.... Doing a little exercise every day, from yoga to running, from core to swimming is proving good so far... But we're only a third of the way through the month so quite a way to go yet.... But it's all about getting the right balance too and after this weekend I plan on tomorrow being a rehab/ prehab kind of day with some yoga, core and maybe some time with the dastardly foam roller..... Optional evening swim dependant on work but if I go it will be short and focused on some easy drills.

Whilst we've had some awfully wet weather the last few weeks yesterday morning we were greeted with a bright, slightly cold, winters day.... Fantastic weather for a club ride! We hit the quiet lanes of Berkshire for a few hours. I have to say whilst motorists and cyclists are a little bit at war at the moment I've felt over the recent months that a lot of car drivers are certainly more "cyclist aware" giving, well I would say extra room, but I'm fact the right amount of room, when overtaking and also being patient for the safe opportunity to overtake. Car drivers of Berkshire I thank you.... Having said that it only take some person to spoil it, and so it was towards the end of our glorious ride there was one angry lady in a green car who have several angry honks of her horn as she overtook (very very close to us) oh and up a hill, whilst the sun was low on the horizon ahead... Neither sensible or patient. She was pretty close to taking me and the other guy at the front of our bunch of 6 out... I wonder how she would have felt had she done so.... BUT still.... They say there is always one, and that goes for cyclists too.... It was only the other night when someone was cycling down the footpath with no lights and nearly took me out .... Hummm maybe I'm the magnet!!? Anyway back to yesterday... The club ride was great and by the time I got home I'd been cycling for over 2.5 hrs for around 40miles... What a great way to spend a Saturday morning, so rewarded myself with a slab of cake and a coffee!

Sunday's have become swim/run Sundays of late.... Well I've done it three times anyway, s nearly a habit?! I was in the pool about 8am and had decided to do sets of 200m, alternating between front crawl and using a pull buoy, until my arms fell off.... Well they didn't quite fall off but I completed 1800m for my longest swim since before I got ill in 2012... So happy with that... This time my reward was coffee and newspapers and back to bed for breakfast in bed!!

Some time and much phaffing later I headed out for my run.... Apparently I've signed up for a half in, oh, a couple of weeks time. So thought a long run should be in order... Despite my legs feeling like heavy weights dangling from my hips... I plodded out 9miles so there is a remote possibility of me finishing the half, albeit in a PW!
So the weekend that was; 40miles bike, 1800m swam and 9 miles run....

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